cfl or nfl

which is older the cfl or the nfl

this isn't a poll question which is based on opinion....its FACT the CFL is older!
( and greenbay stole edmonton's team colours )
( and the Argos are the oldest north american pro-sports team )

well put dg...
and kc stole calgarys
and rams stole bb
and steelers stole tigercats
and browns stole bc
and falcolns stole rens/rr
and eagles stole roughriders
and giants stole argos
and non speaking french people stole montreals

don't you mean the JETS stole the roughriders?

no....jets have white helmets...eagles have green....go terrell owens

this will be the frist time a poll will say a 100%.

Just a question DG... If the Argos were the first north american pro team, who were they playing against? How does someone get the idea of creating a pro team if no other pro team exists or plans to?

They weren't pro yet, 3and10.

Argos are the oldest pro sports team that is STILL IN EXISTENCE !!. That is how they claim that title. They were amateur when they first started, but then there were no professional sports at all in those days.

The ARGOS formed as a way to get excersise for rowing...they would ask other people to form teams as a challege. The ARGOS are 132 years old.

HAMILTON , is the next oldest.

For many years it was just collage ball........the CFL was formed in 1954 but the GREY CUP has been play for since , 1909.

HOWEVER......the oldest team sport trophy in all of N.A. is the YATES Canadian collage football.

The eagles have the nicest jerseys in the NFL in my opinion, and are not even close to the same color as Saskatchewan.

First ever football game was at Mcgill University vs Harvard and I think the score was 0-0

The second game was at Harvard and was 3-0 but I can't remember who won

NFL teams didnt steal colours, you have to remember the colours were different way back when the NFL started, and many of the NFL teams had their colours when the AFL and NFL were seperate leagues.....CFL is older ( Grey Cup 92 compared to Super Bowl 40 ) CFL started as a rugby league in the late 1800s.

KC didnt steal Calgary, Chiefs have yellow..
Rams didnt steal BB, Rams started as Yellow and Blue, BB has mainly been gold
Browns didnt steal BC, they have Brown
Falcons older than Renegades, can't steal the colours

the whole stealing colours thing is stupid.....different teams have different colours, it's not uncommon for 41 different teams to have similar colours

third and not too sure how it all worked WAY BACK WHEN the argos were starting out...i just know it's FACT that they are the oldest pro-sports team in north america ( not the world ), and that edmonton were wearing the green and gold ONE YEAR before greenbay did.

esks were green and gold long before the packers....the pack is old, but the esks are older, they weren't called the esks, i think is was an albertan team, or whatever province was there before alberta, since there was the green and gold team in the late 1800s

i did some research on both the greenbay's website and the eskimos website...altho the edmontons football club is ALOT older, the didnt adopt the eskimo name for a long time after that, they didnt START wearing the green and gold til 1949....greenbay started wearing the green and yellow in 1950...
so a 1 year difference!

93! Eskimos!!! 93! 93 to 40!

Packers are Green and yellow. not gold.

let me ask two question what year was the nfl formed and what year was the cfl created .

the current NFL has formed in 1970 when the old NFL and the AFL merged.

the modern day CFL was formed around 1958.

Cincinnati Reds are the oldest profesional sports franchise in North America, dating back to the 1860's, not the Argonauts!!!