Ok there is a poll on the buffalo bills forum
asking what game do you prefer CFL or NFL of course the NFL is winning and everyone is laughing about it. So lets do our own poll

These are so pointless...on an NFL forum, NFL wins hands down...on a CFL forum, CFL wins hands down...

Next topic.

Totally agree but they seem to think (the toronto nfl fans anyways on the nfl site that everyone in canada wants the nfl so i am trying to make a point

...and the point is best made on the official CFL forum?

unless you are the Toronto media who lies about the results

This must be some kind of joke of course the CFL. Youd be better off comparing the nfl to golf or amatuer golf.

I just want to rub it in their faces on the Buffalo bills forum… thats all if you want to rub it in their faces, you need to win a poll somewhere other than a CFL fan's about as credible a poll as the CFL/NFL poll on their site.

To be honest, I like both leagues pretty much the same. The CFL only gets the nudge because of loyalty.

But I agree with everyone else. It's kind of a ridiculous poll. And if the people at the Bills forum actually think their poll means anything... Well, God help them.

BUt welcome aboard CFLNFL

This is pathetic.... Who cares what Americans/American wannabes think about the CFL.

Even a blind man could see those results! :lol:

I agree, Next topic.

I like both games, but I prefer the CFL because its a more exciting game to watch. You dont have many of the 9-6 or 12-3 ball games in the CFL that are like watching paint dry.

How about we make one 'CFL/NFL' megathread, have the poll there, and also make that the only place to discuss/compare/contrast/whatever, the two leagues. We could do something like this for expansion as well. If they're stickied, people can't claim to have not seen them!

Have you looked at the results the CFL is killing the nfl I wonder if this will make it into the toronto papers?

Who’s the turncoat who voted for the NFL? :x :lol:

You mean

Who's the turncoat who voted for the NFL...twice? :smiley:

I'll play along, despite the obvious end result. I have nothing against the NFL but I definitely has something for the CFL. It's called better product and fierce Canadian pride. Cohon's article today really was right on for me.

We should all go on the Bills forum and vote for the CFL and mess them right up. Wouldn't it be a kick in the nuts for them if the CFL won the poll

I'm going now!