CFL option year player exodus to NFL is over!

Yea I really find it hard to take these guys who hate Baseball, but love NFL and Hockey but not CFL. So on one hand you have a game with the same pace as Baseball (NFL), and you have another game at the same pace as hockey (CFL) and is not a minor league of the NFL in any way shape or form. It's an equivalant league where, yes guys get payed less, but they turn out to be better tuned for the Canadian game, and a lot of times they're Canadians that are owning our league over the American players. Players that would never be touched by the NFL for various political reasons, which was also another reason why the 1994 BC Lions Grey Cup win was so HUGE!

This is a huge victory for the CFL, and it shows how much stronger this league was then 10 years ago. Talk of new stadiums and renovations in nearly every city in the CFL. A new one for Ottawa maybe and hopefully the Maritimes. Not to mention the Grey Cup is nearing its Centennial, something the Super Bowl won't do until long after most of us are dead.

Good news all around...
If you come to the CFL, it's to play in the CFL,.
You don't want to be here, don't come in the first place, we won't miss you.

Alot of the players bolting, are marginal CFLers anyways.

its not that big a deal. instead of leaving after one yr, they leave after 2.

But what's a Grey Cup worth to you and your team for that one extra season with a bit more talent on the field?

That's all it can take at the highest level given the often narrow margins.

It IS a big deal then if not also for sake of better overall play in the league.

It takes a year for most American players to make a contribution in our league. Will also prevent agents from using the option year as a knife under the troats of GM's.

Its all good.

I agree that the I understand it from reading the posts here, it is a big deal. One extra year means that a guy understands the CFL more and has more time to aclimatize to Canada and maybe gives him a bit more wiseness that he could be used for NFL training camp fodder whatever. Any player who can have a productive CFL career needs to really think he has an honest shot the the NFL and NFL money or else it's not worth it. This is tough to teach a young kid and a year at the age of 25 or so is important.

Printers himself should have stayed here longer and then tried his hand at the NFL later if the shot was there.

I agree Earl. It seems that the guys who do the best in the NFL are the ones who have spent 4-5 years in the CFL. Otherwise, they tend to go there and either warm a bench or get cut. Printers definitely left too early. The agents for these guys are no-doubt putting themselves ahead of the player when they advise them to bolt as early as they do. They need to learn from the likes of Moon and Garcia.

and fernandez and greer....

check this one out...

Medlock made his first appearance at the Lions’ mandatory mini-camp on Wednesday, but doesn’t sound long for that team based on comments by head coach Jim Schwartz when he was asked if incumbent Jason Hanson was in any jeopardy with a new kicker in town.

“No, Hanson’s doing fine — it has nothing to do with Jason,? Schwartz told the Detroit News.

He was then asked if he was considering using Medlock as a kickoff specialist — he shot that down too.

So why bother bringing him in then?

“He’s left-footed and he gives you a little bit different look for the returners — he does punt a little bit also,? Schwartz said.

They are using him as a kickoff machine for next to nothing. It's disgusting. Hopefully guys wise up a little.

Great point HfX on exactly what is wrong with the old CFL system at the core if not some of these player moves altogether.

All the same I have heard of four teams already taking this approach in the NFL of using two different kickers for kickoffs and for field goals to include I believe New Orleans, Indianapolis, Minnesota, and Dallas. I am not sure which if any of these are using the punter on the kickoffs all the same to save a roster spot too for that matter.

This practise appears the start of some new trend in the NFL as teams seek any edge including the use of a cannon leg to gain an average 5-10 yards in field possession per kickoff that does not go for touchback and more touchbacks with no return all the same.

Geez already they've moved the kickoff back to the 30-yard line I have no idea what is next. :?

when is this new CBA going to be ratified?

i'd like to hear all the details of the new CBA soon.

The Winnipeg Sun had another tidbit regarding the new CBA:

According a league source, the new collective bargaining agreement will eliminate the seventh member of the practice roster having to be a non-import developmental player. The player has to only be Canadian.

Exactly! I think what it boils down to is that no one can leave for the NFL after year 1. But, while in the "option" year they can head to another CFL team if they so choose. But not the NFL until after the option year.

No. It is a "club" option. They can't go to another CFL team. I'm pretty sure the "Option" phrase will be gone soon, as it has 0 meaning anymore without the NFL thing.

Well then they ought to just call it then a 2-year contract, as why keep the term "option" intact for sake of any other league of gridiron football other than the NFL? That just sounds stupid.

And as if players would leave for other kinds of football like rugby union, rugby league, or Aussie rules? :roll:

Maybe this is just a case of legalese when practically speaking there is no option after the first year as you state.

Again all the same so much for the better for all.

Really what if a american just left the cfl for america is that contract enforcable in america?really I feel these guys will just pay the 50k to 90k they were making and still leave the Cfl I dont see this making no type of impact due to the much lower Cfl salarie

I take it then that our debt to the NFL is paid. The reason this option year deal happened was because the NFL offered to essentially bail out the CFL and gave each team in the order of $500K (I think). The "loans" helped the CFL stay afloat. I think it was a good deal for both leagues at that time.

First this applies to Americans and Canadians both and no you can't buyout a contract by reimbursing the salary LOL! The NFL and CFL honor each others contracts so the scenario you suggest is unlikely. I remember an NFL team trying to pickup Stephen Lefors a few years ago and they could not. Its all good...

As far as I know the contract stands in the US even though it is in Canada for various legal reasons including an agreement between the NFL and CFL. Furthermore unless there is some special escape clause for the player no one but the player, his agent, and the team know about, any buyout agreement must be agreed upon by ALL parties irrespective of the amount of money involved.

And sure conceivably an agreement could be reached all the same, but I think the NFL owners with so many other options for players would just wait so as to not pay nothing extra to get such a player as they hold their cards to their vest about him in casual discussions with the agent of the player. Let's remember that team owners are businessmen, and quite greedy at that, first.

Good news to me. That option-year nonsense with the NFL bled us of quality talent with no return.