CFL option year player exodus to NFL is over!

According to the Lions beat reporter, CFL players have ratified a clause in the new player's contract which does away with the NFL option year signing window.

This was a no-brainer considering the NFL refused to compensate CFL teams for signing players under contract. Now the NFL will have to wait until the player becomes a free agent before they can sign him.

There may be the odd player (PK Sam?) who might skip on the CFL if they can't leave after one season, but if they aren't willing to commit to the CFL for two seasons, teams should be looking for somebody else who will.

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Finally we have wised up

There's something that article doesn't say though. How short can a contract be now. Will the minimum length be 2 years or just 1. Does it only apply to new contracts. If it applies to existing contracts does that mean anyone who signed a 1 + 1 contract now has only a 1 year contract. We need more details before celebrating too much.

The article says the option year will be retained. So the minimum contract will still be 1 yr + option year = 2 years...but now players can't leave for the NFL in the option year.

was paolaX on the CBA for this? its all he talked about.

Missed that at first glance about the option year. :oops: On reading it more thoroughly :wink: it wasn't a very well written article. Yes the option year signing window affected imports more but the way that article was written makes it sound like it only applied to imports.

Maybe someone can dumb this down… it’s late, and I’ve had a few… X says the option year still exists, but guys can’t leave in their option year… so is it an option year or not? If they can’t leave, then it’s not really an option… Am I missing something? :lol:

yeah, someone define option year???

IT SAYS That the option year still exists in there contract but they can not leave for the NFL at the minimum 2 years.

Which is better then it was but i think it should have been longer like 3-4 years as at least we know no that there is a chance that say for example Emmanuel Arceneaux can leave next year and try the NFL as that is his option year were if his option year was one year, he could look around the cfl to play but not the NFL. is that right? :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

The option year term actually meaningless. It's just the final year of a player's contract, which is minimum 1 yr + option year = 2 yrs. Originally, it was a "club option" year. Teams had the option to keep a player for the final year of their contract or release him. Then in the late 90's when the CFL had financial difficulties, the NFL lent the CFL $3 million. In return the NFL demanded they be given the opportunity sign CFL players in their option year, thus it became the "NFL option" year.

The CFL paid the $3 million loan back in full, but since the NFL option was enshrined in the players agreement, the CFL decided to keep it. Some teams believed having the NFL option allowed the CFL to sign better quality players, but at the risk of the player leaving in their option year.

The CFL tried to negotiate a deal with the NFL where the NFL teams would compensate CFL teams for signing players in their option year, but the NFL refused, and now they are bearing the consequences.

Now players can still leave for the NFL, but not until after their option year.

Good for CFL if true. The way the players kept going to NFL after just one year ("thank you for helping my career, now if you'll excuse me ") without any compensation by either the player or NFL team it never looked right to me. At least now the players/NFL will likely have to wait 'til they're free agents after 2 years and that's a step in the right direction. Someday I'd like to see the CFL teams get some transfer fees for the losing players the way many soccer clubs do but one step at a time.

Apparently the minimum salary is also going up from last year's $41K (which is a good thing). Anybody know what it is going to and what the salary cap will rise to?

I guess that makes more sense, X. I agree with Blue, that was a very poorly written article.

Wow indeed my rantful prayers have been answered! :lol: :rockin: My apologies for my repeated annoying rants on the matter, but maybe they worked such that the revolving door between leagues is slammed shut? :stuck_out_tongue:

Xvys's explanation is correct after what looks like a whole lot of double-talk considering the article was perhaps not explicit enough on the matter and it is late.

Now the option year effectively is meaningless for sake of the NFL but remains in place for the CFL and other leagues (cough cough on the latter).

Practically speaking with the elimination of the NFL option, I think this means with very few exceptions that the minimum CFL contract effectively is now for two years, for which all players must receive at least one offer, in addition to any longer-term contract offers.

It will be telling and interesting how the rightful elimination of the NFL option, aka that damn revolving door, will lead to to more roster stability and better player development in the CFL.

Also I wonder if some CFL teams also step up to offer more of the more talented and promising players more lucrative options for longer-term options than before too now that the reach of the NFL into the CFL's player development won't be as strong or onerous depending on your opinion.

Hopefully I did not miss much in this understanding this late and great scoop again Xvys. :thup:

Apparently the minimum salary is also going up from last year's $41K (which is a good thing). Anybody know what it is going to and what the salary cap will rise to?

I would think at least $50.000

If the Cfl wants too stop people from leaving the Nfl shouldnt they pay a better wage?Really if a guy get s nfl he will most likely just buy himself out a Cfl contract.Not being mean or nasty but the cfl needs too get the wages up before they try to force people stay at a place for less money.

This yet another apparent rant again and as almost always from the files of "the 'free market' revolving door should stay open (to plunder for nothing but profit)!" or in reality the propaganda "the CFL is always wrong because the NFL rocks and trumps all no matter what -- damn contract law or what is ultimately best for both games anyway for that matter it's about the money!" :roll: :frowning:

Okay back to the great news for the CFL and ultimately the NFL for that matter though most of them don't know it yet. :slight_smile:

There will be many more Cam Wake's now in a few years you just watch it, but at least more of them will be staying in the CFL even longer before leaving.

With a longer and more solid contribution at the minimum to the CFL game, these guys who want to leave after the end of effectively a contract of more than one season in the CFL will have a better shot at making the NFL too all the same instead of being overly tempted by higher hopes and sports agents amidst currently the highest odds ever against them.

And if you don't believe that odds have never been greater against a player to make the NFL let alone beat the average career of about 3.5 years (and shorter for a vast large chunk of bodies who become and remain merely special teams carnage and never steady positional players to weigh down that average heavily), you have not been paying much attention to the drafts and following up on success rates especially once you get to the third round and/or go outside the prototype sizes sought by the scouts and coaches.

This reform is a heavy win-win for both leagues, but some folks who are also NFL fans don't like that it seems only because the NFL does not have as much onerous clout as it has for too long in Canada as the NFL flaunts down here excessively down to the heavy muscling on even the TV coverage in the US. Damn these NFL homers. :thdn: :thdn:

Well not to say i told you so .BUT this poster has been saying all along that the NFL should compensate the CFL when they take players,(in option year).There should still be a window open IF an NFL team wanted an option year player, only with financial compensation to the CFL team!
Seems many have changed their tune since being so critical in the past :thdn: I told you so :twisted: IMHO the 1 plus 1 is the best formula, because we don't want the CFL tied down to Imports who cant play the Canadian game(for to long anyway :wink: ).

'bro there will never, or not for a very long time at least, be any semblance of wage parity between the two leagues. The CFL business model simply can't support similar wages. Should the league just throw up its hands and fold? Of course it shouldn't. It should do what it has done and try and protect itself from the talent drain. An extra year is not really very much in the scheme of things. If a player can show consistent performance over two years he will still get his NFL shot to sit on the bench for big money.

But since there are no guaranteed contracts in the CFL, this is really a moot point IMO. Basically the minimum contract is now 2 years, a player has to comit, but the team can bail on him at any time, other than after labour day in a particular season.