CFL operations cap to increase for 2023

this is good news. team operations cap to increase, allowing more to be spent on coaching, player development, scouting, management, etc.

Those subject to the cap include coaches, general managers, scouts, equipment staff, and video personnel. Team doctors and athletic therapists are not included, which the league indicated was done to ensure player health and safety remained unaffected by potential budget cuts.


Good to see this. Hopefully it can continue to rise similar to the players' cap.

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Chris Jones said the op cap hit them hard because they fired guys after the cap was implemented.

The CFL implemented the operations cap in 2019 to limit and equalize spending across the league. Edmonton fired general manager Brock Sunderland and head coach Jaime Elizondo following a disastrous 2021 season, which has limited the amount of money they can spend on coaches, personnel people, equipment staff, and video personnel.

Yeah, hopefully teams are now adusting to what it means to stick to an ops cap--can't be reckless in hiring and firing anymore. I'm glad to see it increasing, though.