CFL Open Tryouts 2010 ???

Does anyone know if, when & where there are open tryouts for the CFL this year ???



Argos: ( no schedule posted -- email for details )

You'd probably have to contact the other teams directly as well to get their camp info.

Actually, if you own a pair of cleats, and throw right handed, congratulations, you are now the Argos second string QB!

…cleats are optional…dress shoes and sweatpants are acceptable gear at the Argo TC…

Interesting notes on the Eskimos and Lions when you look at the pages:

Eskimos --
It seems by the length of the road trip over most of the US for two months and the number of drills at each site that they are searching for new talent they can develop for quite some time. :thup:

Lions --
Based on the locations chosen and training details, they are emphasizing their search for speed. Also they are partying in Las Vegas on the last date in May, which having lived there I tell you it is a great time to go before towards the end when it gets too hot and crowded. :thup: Most any excuse to go there is almost always a good excuse though it's not as good as it used to be there. :stuck_out_tongue:

I going to try out for Running back for the Esks, I think I may last longer then Jessie. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

That'd be funny if we didn't have Whitlock and McCarty...

Speaking of Jesse, is he slated to return to the lineup, or is he done for good?

Oh, if you're going to the Argos camp, be sure to bring a hammer and wrench so you can ply open the door to the trailer they use for dressing rooms as I've heard it's a tough door to open. :lol:

He's still listed. DM said he wasn't going to discuss Lumsden's future until after the games because he didn't want to distract him.

Which begs the question: Who was the last lefty QB in the CFL?

Uh, Stefan Lefors.

Yep. Apparently the only place in the world worse is the visitor's dressing room at Ivor Wynne.

Easily forgotten since I have never actually seen him play :oops:

Ha,ha, funny Artie, but, and hate to admit it, you might not be too far off in reality. :o

Well, at least it's not on wheels....

The last lefty pass was by Reaves in Toronto, who played in the final few games of the season while LeFors was done by Week 5?