CFL only league in NA without live stream package?

Although times have never been better for Canadian football, it seems that the CFL has still managed to fall behind everyone else in terms of offering a live stream package of every game online. Every day more and more people are cancelling their cable/satellite in favor of viewing sports etc online. I got rid of my cable in December of 2010. I watch MLB, NHL and NBA on tv via my Xbox. I also watch NLL and NBLC through their free webcasts of every game. However when it comes to CFL I have to watch on illegal websites that are usually rather poor quality. Most importantly I'm not being counted as watching it in terms of ratings or's a shame because I want to support the CFL all the way. If the league would offer an online package of every game for say $200 a season I would GLADLY pay for it year in and year out. It's time for the CFL AND TSN to get with it! :x


NHL = NHL Gamecenter

NBA = NBA League Pass

NBLC = Every game steamed for free on league website

NFL = Game Pass

NLL = YouTube

MLS = MLS Live

CIS = Free on CIS website

WNBA = LiveAccess



The CRCT won't let me have (Or any ESPN) in Canada. It's un-canadian. :roll:

Who cares? But I’m an older fan will admit.

Apparently not everyone would share your enthusiasm for such an idea. And this one worked out to a paltry $1 a game.

Yes but I'm talking about an entire season subscription to the CFL. Not ppv for an exhibition tournament with a bunch of high school kids that is usually free.

My point is that nearly EVERY sports league in North America seems to get this except for the CFL. Why is that?

You're contradicting yourself. First of all the WJC are competed by the best under 20 hockey players in the world, not your average "high school" kids. And like the WJC, the CFL is just as free. Carried by the same network as a matter of fact. The CFL season (regular and playoffs) is 77 games and at the rate they charged for the WJC that would be 76.99 for the season. If fans posted comments like;
Sooo disapointed with for creating a money grab and gouging it’s fans to watch the stream!!!! and
Hey TSN, go to hell
at the idea of 19.99 what do you think the reaction would be to a 76.99 fee for CFL let alone your suggestion of 200.

The WJC is one of the highest rated events on TSN and that was the reaction they got to a PPV stream and you're surprised they won't try it with the CFL?

I suppose some people like to live in the past. As far as I'm concerned, I told Rogers to take a hike not because of prices, but the fact that I had to pay money for channels I had no use for just so I could get 10 sports channels. That made me angry. Paying $150 to be able to watch every NHL game in HD on my Xbox is NOT something I have a problem with. As I said I'll gladly pay for what I want...not what I'm told I need. Does that make sense?

According to the Huffington Post an estimated 200,000 Canadians (mostly under 35 years old) are cancelling their cable each year in favor of viewing sports (and everything else) on the internet. Again...EVERY league in North America gets this. lol. This isn't something that the CFL would "try", it's a sure thing..but then what do leagues like the NHL, NFL, MLB and the NBA know about

I’m on your side on the cable/satellite issue. I’m currently living in Halifax for work while my family is in Trenton, but when I get home next year we are cancelling our BellTV and going internet only for much the same reasons you give. If TSN had an internet option I would pay TSN directly to get it online. My point was just that it appears there are still many that view paying for anything online as evil. I watch NLL and love the fact that they have every game live and archived on youtube.

Ok, now I understand. I get a good deal with bundling internet, phone and a basic cable TV package which includes TSN hd. But if TSN hd wasn't included in basic, I might consider cancelling cable then I would want what you are mentioning JJSA.

TSN has been mobile for a number of years. If you are heart set on viewing through your PC, you can stream that through your PC.

The CFL is a little different as they sold their online broadcast rights to TSN as part of their broadcast deal

Nothing prevents TSN from selling season passes or game by game online viewing if they wanted to.

I'd love for TSN to offer a season pass like that. It's hard to keep up with games living overseas.

It is strange that TSN does not offer live streaming packages as an additional revenue source though, as most broadcasters try to maximize returns on license and/or sub-license holdings.

Mobile TV requires a smartphone on Bell and a subscription to the Mobile TV service, which is expensive ($5 for 10 hours and $3/hour after that, so to watch four games a week for a month you're looking at over $100 just for the mobile service, plus the phone plan on top of it).

It looks like this link worked in Canada until recently:

Now I guess just go with the links some of us post on here during the game thread. They can be viewed from much of the world.

If you are in the US, you don't need ESPN3 to watch games and if you are paying extra for that, you are getting ripped off again by cable for that matter.

Also if you have a modern computer you don't need to download any software to watch games from many sites and if you are downloading software to watch, it is likely "glitchware" and/or "spyware."

The same is happening in far greater numbers in the US such that the topic of "cord-cutting" was even discussed by cable television execs at their annual National Cable Television Association convention in Chicago. Late to the party guys and what arrogance! There should be zero sympathy for an industry that has changed little in the last decade in response to the consumer but for more public relations ads, regularly on your time as you watch of course, and various attempts at sponsorship of community events with said funds derived from bloated profits.

The easy and profitable solution is to offer basic access including the sports channels for those who want them, minus all the crap they force you to take in the "basic" package along with a record number of informercials, for $75 to $80 per month with high-speed internet. And if it would lower my bill $10 per month to drop ESPN, give us that option too! I could do without the likes of ESPN any more for that matter.

The cable firms would still make a profit and make up the gouging profit they are trying to make now in volume. But now oh no, they insist on making at least $35 per month more per household on a "contract" deal at that with most of that pure profit with little additional cost on infrastructure paid for some time ago with PUBLIC subsidies! Usually that premium is far more because their antiquated extortion pricing model has not changed since the 1980s so as to cherry-pick neighbourhoods.

TSN used to streamline Friday Night Football Games,because we used to watch it at work if we were on afternoon shift on a Friday night.They also used to streamline NHL hockey as well at one time.

I am with you on this! I don't have cable, so I have an issue seeing the games that I want to watch. A live stream package IN ADDITION to the tv broadcasts would be great! It would get more people access to the product. Unfortunately, the CFL ALWAYS lags behind other leagues in this respect.

The NFL saw the potential money-making avenue of TV early, and moved to make their on-air presence the dominating factor in sports. During NBA or NFL seasons, there is always a game on (hockey in Canada, B-ball down south). The CFL didn't even get every game on TV until 2006.

The CFL has got to move quicker to keep up with the product delivery. I don't know if I would pay $200/season, but I would pay on a game by game basis. If people want to get mad at TSN for trying to run a business, that's up to them.

You can run any mobile app on your computer, but no, it is not cheap.