CFL Online shop ... Have they always been selling...

... jerseys and sweaters from other sports and leagues?

I've been checking the CFL shop on and off, as they seem to be gradually rolling out new 2010 merchandise. Just today, I went to the Jersey section noticed they were selling stuff from MLB, soccer, NHL, and NFL (didn't notice any NBA, though. Sorry Chief). I'd never noticed that before. Have they always sold that sort of stuff? Or is this a new thing?

Holy crap. Did they finally lower the price of their jerseys? :lol: I wouldn't mind grabbing that $50 Eskimos retro jersey. :thup:

For every team but TiCats it seems... What did we do to deserve that?

Our jerseys are too hot to go any cheaper than they already are :wink:

As soon as the team wins a game in the regular season they drop the price :wink:

How much did they used to cost?
What's the cost with a crested name and number?

So I can buy a $500 Argonauts golf bag
or a $110 set of Argonauts mud flaps ...

but I can't buy a simple Argos short-sleeve tee ???

THAT must've been an odd meeting in the marketing dept.


There isn't much on there for the TiCat fan either, but on the TiCats own web store, there is a lot more stuff. I'm sure the Argos have more stuff than what's there, they're just not selling it on the CFL web store. In fact, I was at the Sporchek at Yorkdale mall just the other day, and saw an ordinary Argos t-shirt for sale.

After taxes, the Edmonton retro jersey is about $64. If you want to add a name, it jumps to about $150. I wanted to add Chief, but that's a bit much for me. Of course, I did spend about $120 each on my plain Oilers jersey and my Peyton jersey... :lol:

It looks like they lowered the price for some of the jerseys, but they're still charging too much for some of the other stuff.

The Edmonton statement polo is $60, and the afterburn polo is $70. That's way too much for a polo shirt. They need to drop those to around $30, $40 at the most.

I agree. Nice shirts but too much $$$.

Try :cowboy: