CFL online record book not up to date!

So I noticed that the online records are not updated. They are only as of the 2008 season.

How can the people in charge of this site let stuff like this get out oh hand?

I hope they get on with the update, it is an important issue.

Which one are you looking at cflisthebest? The only one I know of is this link here and it’s fully up to date to include the 2010 season:

[url=] ... ayoffs.pdf[/url]

I'm having trouble with the upload on the link and your image picture is on X/blocked out.

well, I looked up CFL All Time Records

and when I clicked on passing it was showing nothing beyond 2008

Oh, weird. I guess they're trying to rely on the pdf file more and forgot about the html page.

And thanks for letting me know, backer.