CFL One Shot Wonders

I was watching on NFL Network “Top 10 one shot wonders” and it got me thinking of CFL guys who had either one good game, season or half a game and just disapeared after that. It was kind of sad really, some guys had a great year only to land into jail or they got hurt etc. For me it’s 2007 Grey Cup MVP James Johnson. He was never really a shutdown guy before or after that game, he was talented but he for the most part floated under the radar until his 3INT game vs the Bombers. After which he never really lived up to that game. On his Wikipedia page it shows his last team he was on was the Bombers in 2009. I believe that’s the last he was active in the league.

So who are your guys’ top CFL one shot wonders? Remember they couldve been in the league 5 years prior and had a good game/ season only to sink back into mediocrity or they could’ve been a rookie that had one good year and disapeared… Shoot. :rockin:

Great topic, saskfan!

My all time favourite would have to be Danny Houston. . .hotshot running back from Oklahoma, signed to great fanfare by Montreal, all of 19 years old, was going to save the franchise, so he plays in the season opener against Ottawa in 1969, gets the ball four times, total yards 4, on his last carry he blows out his knee, and was never heard from again.

Orville Lee's name popped into my head immediately.

Rod Black has instructed me to mention the son of former NFL legend...

Preshae Rodriguez - rookie of the year, and then....

QB Chris Isaac of Ottawa.

Won Rookie of the year honors in 1982, broke a few team passing records, and then poof.

Gone the following season after QB JC Watts returned to the club, never to be heard from again.

The guy that jumped to mind for me instantly was Rocky Butler. Does anyone recall the 2002 Labour Day classic? Many Rider fans thought he was the second coming after that and just needed an opportunity... I guess we all know how that turned out.

From a BC Lions perspective, Frank Cutolo comes to mind. The 2003 CFL Rookie of the year.

...You'd have to put Casey Printers on this list...Great award winning season with the leos...went to the states and started disappearing there... Never did live up to expectations...Big contract in the hammer and bombed...I don't think anyone in the league, ever thought he was starting material after that ... Poof he's gone. :roll:

That was a wicked game he played...

Dangit, someone beat me to the "Wicked Game" joke! :smiley:

Kenton Keith comes to my mind. Did great until tried out in the NFL. Came back to the CFL and disappeared.

I think his disappearance was injury related. He only played a couple of games with the Ticats in 2008 before messing up his knee, and then had a season ending injury at the beginning of 2009, allowing Deandra' Cobb to take over. He sat out the next year voluntarily in order to continue recovering from his injuries, and never caught on after that.

Speaking of Deandra' Cobb....

Martell Mallet could be one rookie of the year in 2009 I think and two years on the NFL fringe.Season ending injury last year in his return with Hamilton. Now they have a hot shot rookie from last year chevon Walker who blasted onto the scene last season. One of these two could be one shot wonders

Willis Jacox, pizza delivery man in 1990, steals Rocket Ismail’s debut thunder in 1991 taking the kickoff return yards title that year then never really heard of after that.

Almost 4000 yds rushing and 1200 yds receiving? He was no one hit wonder. Played almost 4 full seasons with the riders with 2 1000+ yd seasons.

Curtis Marsh would probably qualify. I would echo Jacox, man was he awesome that year, was my favorite player and then gone.

Pat Woodcock. Caught a 99-yard TD pass from AC in the Als' 2002 Grey Cup win, tried his luck in the NFL, came back, and did squat for the remainder of his time in the CFL.

Cam Hall pops into my head when I think of the Bombers in recent years. He looked like he had potential to be really good but then he just fizzled out.

Lawrence Philips. Helped the Als win the cup in 2002, Pringle on the sidelines and then off to the Stamps.
Do not think he even made it through the next season.

Love some (not all) of these suggestions. ..

Guess I'm probably the only one here old enough to remember Danny Houston. . .