CFL one-hit wonders

Too many heavy topics on here lately - so here’s something on the lighter side.

Who’s you favourite “one-hit wonder” in the CFL? By that I mean, players who made a big splash in the league - either on the field or in the headlines - only to never be heard from again, or never come anywhere close to that glorious Big Season.

That’s right, I’m looking for the CFL’s own Chumbawamba, Vanilla Ice, Deee-Lite, Baha Men, Toni Basil, Right Said Fred, Dexys Midnight Runners … you get the picture.

I’ll start with a couple.

Ricky Williams, Argos '06. Hype exceeded results by a factor of roughly 10 to 1. Proved that wearing shoes can help prevent injuries to feet. Last seen somewhere in the US of A.

Ken Hobart, Ticats '85. Burst onto the scene as one of the best running QBs in recent memory, leading team to a Grey Cup appearance and finishing as Eastern MOP. Stuck around a few more years, but alas, 'twas never the same.

Tony Akins.

He of the 4 TD game comes to mind.

The ARRRRRRRGO's and The Rocket ! Moved so fast that his hands forget to squeeze the ball.
Then ya hit him and he fumbled and got a concussion ...

There's been many...but the one that comes to mind right now is Vince Ferragamo. The poster child for NFL "conquerors" of the CFL who never quite got the job done. :wink:

Doug Flutie was the ultimate antidote for this, but I digress.

Oski Wee Wee,


Here are a couple:

Smokey Stover. Played amazing linebacker for us in 1967... actually less than a full season. He was probably one of the best LBs ever on the Ticats. Returned to the US the next year, faded into obscurity. Many Ticat fans remember him though, for his great play and super nickname.

Allen Smith. Also 1967 I believe. A RB who was a late cut from Buffalo as I recall. His first game as a Ticat was in the playoffs versus Ottawa. The very first time he received a handoff, he took off on what looked like a routine sweep, turned the corner, and... long ramble for six points. Like Smokey, he wasn't heard from much again.

Casey Printers?we'll see.

Ryan Dinwiddie anyone?

Derrick Macadoo, although it was for more than one season

For kickers Ray Macoritti and Curtis Head both of whom had solid rookie seasons then only to give up football all together for other jobs (doctor and football coach ironically enough).

I remember a few games over the past couple of years when the whole team were one-hit wonders.... let alone being able to tackle. :smiley:

8) Actually Smokey Stover retired from football, after winning the Grey Cup with us in 1967.
 He attended the TiCat Alumni dinner, honouring the 67 Grey Cup team, two years ago.

 When he joined the Cats late in the 67 season, he solidified that defence, that was the best defence

 ever in the CFL  !!!   <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

 He had already had a great career with the KC Chiefs, before coming to Hamilton.

Milt Campbell - until Tony Akins he had the Ticat record of scoring TDs the first 2 times he touched the ball. One on a long pass where he was the only player visible on the TV screen, the other on a long punt return. IMO he had the fastest, at least one of the fastest, accelerations from standing still to top speed. Unfortunately while he did have great forward speed he couldn't pick up pass routes like hooks, down-and-outs, etc. and did have a nasty case of dropsy. I think he only lasted a few games.

SIGGGHHHH! my hero! :wink:

Remember Johnny Shepard. When he broke into the league with the Cats, he was amazing. Used to get 5 yards out of nothing. CFL rookie of the year in 1983. Unfortunately, after that year, was hampered by injuries. I would say he was a little more than a one hit wonder, but only had one good year for us. Being a running back is a tough job!

Smokey was my hero too

Kahlil Hill.

Dewy Lincoln ran back a kick off or a punt and then when tackled at the goal line fumbled, Jim Trimble had him out of town so fast that his uniform was still sweaty.

Craig Yeast.

How so? By throwing 3 picks in the Grey Cup? lol

How about Eakin 400 yards 3 tds in his first game

Remember them?
and I aint smokin' havana here, podner... :cowboy: