CFL Once Again Wins Weekend TV Ratings

In the Globe and Mail today. The CFL once again lead the way in TV ratings, with Edmonton-Hamilton being the top rated sports program of the weekend at 482,000, followed closely by BC-Montreal at 460,000.

Winnipeg-Calgary in a game I thought nobody would watch because of the one sided score did 415,000.

The best the NFL did was 314,000 on Sunday night on TSN. Which is a big number for the NFL on TSN. The baseball game on Sunday night on Sportsnet did 190,000 viewers. It usually does around 100,000 viewers.

Week after week when hockey is off season the CFL is getting the top TV ratings. The columnist, William Houston, never gives any play to these TV numbers. He's a former baseball writer, and also one of those CFL basher types. He once called the CFL a "marginal TV sport". If being number one is "marginal", than I guess Willie is right!


Time for the writers to acknowledge that the CFL owns!

you have to write them with these facts :thup:

Great stuff but doesn't surprise me, CFL games rule, even this year when we don't have as many close games it seems.