CFL on You Tube

Since I am retired and have lots of time I reviewed most of the Als 2009 games on CFl You Tube. I came away from the experience thinking that we have a superlative team. Our passing attack was great and Calvillo can still throw long to excellent receivers- having reviewed these games I am delighted that Kerry Watkins will be back. Larry Taylor had a great year and will be missed in 2010 although Andrew Hawkins may be the person to replace him. Hawkins really stood out and I just hope his injury will be completely healed- he is so fast with the end around run and in receiving. It was enjoyable seeing Eric Wilson hauling in a TD pass. Our " new " defensive backs were great finds. I would have liked to have seen more of Colbourne and I hope the Als might utilize the running game a little more in future. I will be looking forward to your comments when you have the time to review 2009.

Well, Since you posted on the rider forum that the Al's beat the Riders 3 times during the regular season, I think we have to wonder just what exactly you are watching. Last I checked the East only plays the west 2 times during the season, and 0 during pre season. To also offer up the scores in those "3" regular season games "before the Grey Cup", your PVR obviously has some faults and you could have been watching 2001 for all we know.

Look, I understand that you're peeved about hassall trolling in your forum, but two wrongs don't make a right. No need to start stuff here.