CFL On Xbox 360?

Hey I was just wondering if any Ticats fans have Xbox 360 and if you do wouldn't it be great for EA Sports or 2k Sports to create a CFL game. I have a 360 and I'm kinda hoping and praying that one day they will wake up and relize how much Canadian gamers would love to have our game!

Check out my take on this issue of a CFL video game at ... ght=madden . It's the only leverage point I can see the league having in getting EA Sports to produce a CFL-related game or Madden add-on, namely tying the production of it to that of the NFL's "official game" in future exclusivity arrangements with video game producers. It IS a stretch, but considering what the alternative is (i.e. no game), it is something to ponder.

In the meantime, my all-time Ticat team soldiers on in my Madden 2004 game until training camp opens. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I have thought about this myself. I agree that it would have to be an add-on to an NFL based game simply because we don't have consumer strength in Canada. I would buy it forsure. With Xbox 360, they could easily make a CFL mode with players etc. since each disk holds so much info, and sports games do not take up much space.

I wish. :roll:

Yes adding in CFL teams would be cool but with Xbox Live Marketplace it could be an option to maybe offer the teams as downloadable content and charge gamers 1200 microsoft points($19.99CDN) to unlock all the teams in the CFL and that way they would have modivation to create the teams and publish them and they can track how many downloads they got and decide if it would be worth the money to release a CFL product.

Thats my idea

You will have people creating their own rosters, as they have for PC and PS2 versions if any editing function is present. I have done so for the Madden PC version (2004, applicable to 2K5 and 2K6). Unless editing cannot be done, people will post downloads and editing lists for rosters.

BTW: my Madden Ticat team has been discussed at

[url=] ... ght=madden[/url] .

What a XBox exclusive would have to include is a bundled module that allows CFL rules to run in a Madden game, as Maximum Football has in allowing users to pick and choose between CFL, NFL, and AFL rules to create a customized franchise experience. That would be the logical way to make people buy via the Marketplace.

OSki Wee Wee,

we could definatley use a CFL game for 360, adding on to madden would be even better because they have the money to make the game supperior with designing the game.

What would be a great way to do it, would be to have the next Madden game, or more likely 2009 or 2010 be more akin to the FIFA games. That is, including the various other national leagues.

FIFA has Scottish Premiership, K-League, Brazilian league, MLS, etc... So, along those lines, a new Madden could be based primarily around the NFL (obviously) but with player developement and allocations to NFL Europa, Free Agency with CFL teams, varying rules and the ability to play seasons as teams in other leagues.

I guess, what I'm looking for is a complete football game, including teams from all over. All if would take is a licencing deal between EA Sports and the CFL and no doubt the assent of the NFL.

Or even doing what EA Sports has done with NHL 2006/07

Adding Different leagues as a option to play in,
It shouldn't be that hard, The Only real difference is in the release date of the game

My feeling is that unless Maximum Football somehow hits the jackpot, it will always be the less-comely sister of the video football world, truth be said. The customizations it offers definitely has its merits, but it pales, IMHO, to the experience a gamer has in playing with the EA Sports display engine and overall game presentation.

I don't think the NFL has to "assent" to anything here, the CFL being a distinct entity onto itself. Nonetheless, tying the development of a CFL video game or add-on to any future NFL exclusivity arrangements with EA or another video games producer as part of a CFL-NFL accord on option year signing access rights for the NFL would be a leverage point for the CFL to consider. It would cost the NFL ZERO and could even make the NFL a little extra coin if the CFL gave a royalty cut back to it in the process.

Dollars? I don't think the CFL would be hurt having its product made visible to hundreds of thousands of gamers and football fans in this way. Exposing the game a little more might make it more popular in the regions where the CFL might care to expand one day in a better pigskin world (read the US northeast) and make Canada more attractive to play in one day for the next undersized superstar to be (by American standards).

Besides, showing a beautifully-rendered IWS complete with a hung Argo effigy dangling from the east end zone bleachers would give me chills... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

My friends and I have discussed this topic for years and we all agree that the CFL needs a game. I think the most difficult thing is roster turnover. Oh and what would we call it? CFL07? Wendy's CFL Friday night Football? Suitor 07?

CFL'07 sounds right, although if the league were to arrange something through Wendy's, with the reach that Wendy's has in the North American market, the game could be promoted through a coupon/discount campaign whether as a standalone product or as a Madden add-on.

I would prefer "Matthews07" over "Suitor07" simply for the curmudgeonly comparisons one could make with Madden, but I digress. :wink: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Schultz '07 ?

That would work, too…

Oski Wee Wee,

re- roster turnover- a game with the CFL,s top 350 players the All time greats. :thup:

If we really want to get crazy, you could have CFL teams play NFL teams or NCAA teams. Or teams of different eras could play one another. Lots of possibilities but probably not profitable.

An Argo fan

CFL Blitz '07 by Midway Games

"Weekend at Bernie's," Madden style. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

There was a thread about this months ago. Why are we beating a dead horse? If the league puts out a game it will cost them millions and do they have that money every year to update it? With the change in rosters every year, the game would be outdated as soon as labour day rolls around.

I'd love it but the league can spend their money elsewhere.

Even if it costs them millions if they ever want to become more recognizable then it would be a small price to pay to start off on the right foot. To get the ball rolling en route to becoming more entertaining to that other country attacted to us you know that one LOL. They have that football league call the NFL? ya thats the league I think. lol

they dont NEED to release an updated game every year...just make it so u can do trades and create players...they really only need to make updates, if they add new teams to the league.

if burger king can make a bunch of x-box 360 games for $5, the CFL can test the market CHEAPLY with CFL blitz on old ps2 and xbox1...if they sell, then they know theres a market for ps3 and xbox360 games.