CFL on verge of record breaking corporate rating

The book is out on the CFL and how powerful it has become in the entertainment industry with its corporate partners. Information that is provided to TV, advertising agencies, corporate executives, network agencies show how valuable its products and partners are.

The CFL ranks #5 in all of Canada. The NHL is #1. The NFL is #7. The MLB is #19. The NBA is #32. The MLS did not make the top 100.

The rankings are created based on corporate relations with the league and the value of the entity within its region.

The CFL signed 2 new deals this off-season that are going to be huge for both TSN and the CFL come next tv deal.

The winter Olympics was #2. Which is the highest spot since 2010. 2016 summer it was #3 after the NHL and US elections.

I have been informed that the CFL revenue come 2020 could be 3x what it is today. Which is a huge compliment to the growth of the business that is the CFL along with its partners.

Care to say who the 2 new deals are with?

Imagine what it could be like if Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver actually supported their CFL clubs.

Great news over all, despite the slack support in major markets.

This doesn't even make sense.