I watched a lot of games online thanks to ESPN and a few on NFL Network. Anyone have any info on where games might be available in the US this season?

If the trend holds we won't find out until shortly before the season begins at the end of June. I suspect the NFL network will pick up more games this year, though they didn't show any playoffs last year.

We'll help out with links especially on game day, with most games shown on the NFL Network and/or ESPN3 and sometimes online links do not come up until the game has started already.

Occasionally, one can get a true TSN feed with the commercials running in Canada. Checking those out and making fun of the repetitive and annoying ones (RONA, Wendy's, et cetera) is a sport as well.

For the the last two CFL seasons, the NFL Network has shown games played on most days but for Sundays once the NFL season has started on the second Sunday in September.

The playoffs have been aired through stations on the America One networks for three years now.

Many US fans like me miss the Grey Cup though because it is on the Sunday evening of Thanksgiving weekend when we are on travel. :cry:

Had a busy week, but thanks for posting, guys. I'll look for NFL Network stuff and of course, ESPN3.

I don't watch as mucn once the NFL starts, but I do keep close tabs on the league and try to watch on Friday nights and Saturdays when my beloved Georgia Bulldogs aren't on the gridiron.

Games are starting to show up on the schedule. Woohoo!


Wow the entire first weekend of games too! That means I’ll be able to find them somewhere online. :slight_smile:

As I scrolled through the ESPN3 schedule I had the distinct impression much or all of the season will be there again…

Yup. I was looking at myself yesterday. Looks as if all the games are there.

They said on tonight's Hamilton @ Winnipeg broadcast that they've got a deal with an American broadcaster that will include regular season games and the live broadcasts of the playoffs, Grey Cup included, but it's not the NFL network. It sounds like there will be an announcement shortly.

YUP. heard that too. Live games shown including playoffs and grey CUp. the league (cfl) views it as a good marketing tool to help recruit players to come up here and play. They stated something along the lines of.. teams think it gives college kids who may follow some of their alumni a chance to catch the games, they might start to think that hey, this aint so bad and well, make it easier to recruit players to come.

Lets be honest, there are only 2 PRO football leagues in the world..NFL and CFL. Guess CFL wants to let some of the college kids know that the CFL is an option for them.

This is interesting indeed. I would think in the worst case it would be easier to see more games via any given internet link too. In the best case, all the games would be on my big screen on basic cable at last! :slight_smile:

And to heck with paying for anything like ESPN3 and that BS for those who can get it. ESPN SUCKS!

It's about time! I was starting to think that I was not going to get to see any CFL Football this year. I am kind of bummed that its only half a season, but half a season is better than none. :rockin: :rockin:

You can see the clip here.

[url=] ... clip705400[/url]

Once again, not sure if it's available to our American friends.

CFL would be a great fit on Spike or Fuel.

I see the CFL picking up ratings especially on Friday nights and on Saturdays in the fall when many of us are fed up with what is on for sports including most of the NCAA football crap and way too much baseball.

You won't hear that from the likes of those parrots at ESPN down here, but the ratings clearly show otherwise.

The SEC programs, Notre Dame, Texas, and at times certain other games generate the highest ratings for NCAA football, but the rest for TV ratings is crap including most of the BCS BS.

Lower television ratings overall for especially the BCS are what in my opinion is driving the NCAA conferences to finally a playoff in 2014 and not all the other fuss.

I hope the CFL games do well enough to draw more of an audience away from so much of that crap football on so many channels on Saturdays.

Please don't let it be America One again.

I have a feeling I'll be watching most games streamed again this year. That's okay though!

Hopefully it will be NBC Sportsnetwork formally Versus.

You know that would be awesome, as NBC is hurting seriously for content, or also one of the Fox Sports Network channels.

Either way it would be on lower level cable on most systems and not on some damn "sports package" they with which the cable companies attempt gouge everyone even more.

If it’s on a low level cable channel that may, I say again MAY be enough to get me to subscribe to cable again. Don’t count on though. It would have to be a the most basic level or forget it. I’m fine with streaming.

It is available to us in the states.

Two things:

  1. The NFL Network did not air the games the past several years;
  2. The Grey Cup aired LIVE the past few seasons (save for the one year when America One decided to add a "male enhancement" product as a sponsor; that caused Altitude Sports, which is essentially the de facto flagship for the CFL in the US, to not air the CFL the remainder of that season, thus forcing many of us to go online).