CFL on US tv?


what is this? sounds like a PPV network... are you asking me to request they cover CFL, or to request that my cable provider pick up this network?

request that you write them an E-mail saying how you want them to cover the CFL (bourdcast games online!), like they do the AHL and NLL.

If I moved back to Australia, there would be no way I could see the CFL, so the intrenet is my only opsion. Even here on the GS&SU campus (Georgia), I can't see CFL games.

Kanga is that Georgia Southern, great D1AA football school, many of my semipro teammates played against them in the D1AA national championship.

What are you doing in a conservative state, okay same thing as what i'am doing in a liberal state.

Georgia College and State Uni.

Father made me live here. If it weren't for him and the HOPE, I'd be in Manitoba by now.

Huskerman, interesting that you mention Omaha. In the 90's during the US expansion and run, someone from your fair city enquired about getting a CFL franchise.

I would hate to live in Nebraska, i went to Omaha once, great steak out that way. One thing i love is there love for the Cornhuskers. If they had a franchise every game would be sold out and they would be the most repected fans. I've never seen a university give so much respect to an away team than i saw in Nebraska.

College aside, is there a CFL size stadium. What about seating capacity.

should be something the size of the Liberty Bowl where the Maddogs played.

KK, it is the Liberty Bowl I believe due to its American demension that resulted in a smaller endzone, from 20 to 15 yards. It was brutal.

I didn't meason the endzones, my friend.

That stadium brings bad memories, as it was too huge, nearly empty and to boot, the smaller end zones.

Don't worry mate, that will never happen again.

thanks for the compliments on the cornhuskers and our fans.... (and yes, the beef here is some of the best!)

Yes, it was very much the talk of the town with the idea of having a nebraska team based in Omaha in the CFL.

They were going to build a stadium to specifically for the team. Was going to have Red and Silver as colors (so that Nebraska fans could wear their red garb), and would attempt to schedule games so that every week that the huskers were in town, they'd be on the road, adn every week the huskers were on the road, they'd have home games. That and NEVER EVER playing a fall saturday game... Even talk about possible nebraska alums that played in the CFL for coaching...

THey were going to build a 20-25k stadium, and share it with the U.Nebraksa Omaha D2 team. Their current field is very small (5k or so) and in the middle (litterly) of a very crowded campus.

The guy that was going to own the franchise, was VERY VERY serious. All he wanted to do was to wait till the new US teams had settled in, and hope that the CFL was game for further expansion, and allow the people of Nebraska to show the rest of BOTH nations what real fans are like!

Would have been great.

If I remember correctly, they were going to be the "Nebraska Mustangs" or some such name.... had'd thought of this for a while

Currently there is either antiquated 4-5k small college/highschool fields (which would NEVER be able to be enlarged), or or the 80+K memorial stadium in Lincoln where my huskers play. It would NOT be able to accomidate the CFL sized pitch.

Quite frankly, VERY few, if any stadiums could have the deep endzone that your field has.

yesterday, I was looking into this on the web. The stadium in Salt Lake where they didn the 2002 opening/closing serimonies at (Rice-Iccies or some such name), and home of the Utah Utes College team, is around 45k, and absolutly perfect.... but they would have a depth of endzone issue as well...

check it out

didn't the NBA play in Omaha for a while?

This is interesting, I hadn’t heard about Omaha getting a franchise. I still think if the CFL could have gone into cities like Omaha or Portland with committed owners expansion in the US would have worked. Sacremento would have worked IMO if they had had a decent stadium, because the owner was committed to making it work.

Thru Comcast cable in Chitown a station is broadcast called WFXU channel 30 South Bend. Thru it every CFL game is carried live to Chitown.

Yes, my memory is pretty good and Huskerman thanks for the update. Any talk recently from your city.

From Fred Ziffel

After all the years in the Army I dont see any humour in this incident.
I am not a big fan of the gun registry but this guy should not be carrying a gun. Not identifying your target and swinging and pulling the trigger when you are not sure of what you are shooting at is not right. You make double sure before you shoot.
In the Army this the worst thing you could possibly do. One would face a court martial for this and also criminal charges.
Notice after all the of peackeeping over fifty years and other assignments we have never had a friendly fire incident that we caused.

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