CFL on US tv?

I'm working on several leters to local cable providers in Nebraska to request that they carry stations that have the CFL.

For those of you "yanks" out there, what networks have the CFL down here?

I want to have a list for each of these cable providers to know what they would need to do to cover the CFL. I know digital dish has it, but now which network...

I have compiled a list of all the Nebraska, Iowa, Iowa St, Kansas St players pointing out local interest. With Eric Crouch playing next year, this looks even more attractive for cable providers.....!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(I'm also sending a letter to the Omaha and Lincoln papers requesting a "where are they now" type artical summing up how area players are doing in the CFL. Hoping that combining this with my letters, I might get some responce.)

where is Kanga when you need him! :roll:

I suspect he is at school - but hell, I’m at school and I’m making forum posts.

Here in the Bay Area I was able to watch selected games on Comcast SportsNet. They were pretty diligent about getting one or two games a week to air either live or on tape delay…until NFL season started.

They DID show the Grey Cup live though

Hey Huskerman. Here's a link to last year's US TV schedule. It should help you out. And thanks for supporting the CFL stateside!!!!

[url=] ... 7&nid=5271[/url]

It's mosty carried by Fox Sports, and Cox Sports. I get to see the games on NESN. They are starting to promote the CFL on NESN. Next season I'am getting satellite so i get to see all the games.

Sooner or later Huskerman us americans are going to get the CFL everygame. I like the new cable tv proposal where you can buy only the channels you want. We have to keep harassing these networks.


I C&Pd that list, and reformated it to fit into my request. With all the CRAP (that is the PC version of what I ment to say :wink: ) they have on the 500+ channels, you would think that I could get ONE channel that I genuinly wanted! :x

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I'm not sure what Dick Cheney shooting his friend in the face has to do with CFL broadcasts on American television...

it doesnt, but i didnt want to start a thread just for this ...

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sorry drifted off topic with the rest of the guys...cfl on us tv...has got to be a winner.... :arrow:

OK, another "thread jacking" has been stoped.... :stuck_out_tongue:

Will attach a copy of my letters for your approval before I send them tomorro, as for now, my work here is done!

I live in Chicago now and have always remained a die-hard CFLer. Thankfully, Comcast Sportsnet here in Chicago runs the CFL. However, they run it at odd times (like 1am) and the Grey Cup was (or the playoffs for that matter) were tape delayed. They ran the West final one week, the east final the following week, and then the Grey Cup the week after. Meaning I had to wait two extra weeks to see a Great cup match. The only thing that kept me from looking the score up on the internet were my friends back in Canada telling me it was worth the wait. I hope that Comcast will run some sort of regular schedule, and keep the games running for us poor yankey folk.

wow i was jealous of chicago i was under the impression that they got most of the games. At least NESN gets most of the action.

There was a post a few months ago regarding OLN braodcasting the games. I say lets keep pressing them to do it. They like the canadian game, the hockey, and hunting.

I need some help form the people in the message board here is a feedback thing for NESN New England Sports Network. In the feeback part put in a New England town preferably MA (Lowell, Haverhill, Lawrence, Dorchester, Boston, Quincy, Fall River, New Bedford, MA) Tell them you love the coverage, but want to see more games. Tell them how much you think the games better than the NFL(argotom this is where you'll dominate).
[url=] ... pic&t=4588[/url]

link to the thread your refering to, peter6625.

I've already emaild my request to OLN and Spike TV, since someone requested that we do this.

I got a responce back from OLN thanking me for my feedback, but nothing else was mentioned. Spike didn't even respond.

I really honestly do think that I stand a good chance of getting an artical in the Omaha World Herald and possibly getting the 2 cable providers in Omaha to carry one of the channels that airs the CFL.

With Crouch playing next year, and him being an Omaha native, there will be a built in intrest. Want to strike while the iron is hot!