CFL on US television

Does anyone know if the CFL will be televised in the US for the 2008 season? If so, what stations/networks will be televising the games? I am a DirecTV guy. Any information would be appreciated!

It has been for the last few years so I am sure it will be again this year.
The last 2 year however Dish network had the rights to HD broadcasts

Altitude usually does the best job of televising the games, but each week you’ll see games on a variety of the Fox Sports channels. You’ll still need WorldSport on Dish Network to see the Friday night game, as far as I know.

After Comcast’s brutal botching of their scheduled games last year (they had the playoff games listed on the wrong days) I have decided to dump cable TV altogether, and since I can’t get a dish (blocked to the South) I have decided to stream every game I can from this site. It will actually end up being cheaper anyway since that’s about all I watch on TV, besides DVDs. I also have my HDTV connected to my computer so I can watch the games in full screen.

They usually post the US tv schedule closer to the season start time. You will see the link under schedule at the top of the page.

rpaege, makes a lot of sense.

FSN, both O&Os and affiliates (excluding Comcast SportsNet), haven't aired CFL games in years. Altitude and the various Comcast SportsNets have.

As for WorldSportHD, we'll have to wait and see what this seasons' schedule brings to us stateside. Things can change without notice.

I'm looking forward to the start of the CFL season.

Sorry, I was thinking of the Comcast Sportsnet channels when I typed Fox.

Not a problem.

While on this topic, I would also like to add Sun Sports (because FOX Sports owns 50% of and programs it) to the list of RSNs which don’t air the CFL.

Once again…counting down until the season starts.