CFL on U.S. TV in 2010?


Has anybody heard any U.S. broadcast news for 2010?


Via one click off the homepage under "Video" news and your best bet to watch for no additional charge as in PPV is via and if you have Comcast, on The Comcast Network (not the same as Comcast Sports Channel) possibly again this season from what I've heard.

Prolly hunched over a computer somewhere like the last two years...seems like the CFL on TV is DEAD in the States.

No way hunched. I use a Mac Mini as a media hub and have it hooked up to my HDTV. Games streamed, though not high resolution, looks almost as good as they do on regular tv, and sometimes better (especially the Veetle feeds if you can find one). I missed only one game last year, and that's because I wasn't at home at the time.

The CFL on TV is dead in the states depending on where you live. If you live in a rural community you can probably get at least some games through America One (or whatever it's called), and apparently Comcast Sports Net still carries some games in some larger markets, though not in California where I live.

I seriously hope that in the future the CFL pulls the plug entirely on crappy TV contracts in the states, and goes full speed ahead with streaming ALL games to everywhere, with an annual subscription. That's the future of television anyway.

The real stinker is that we're only a couple of weeks away from the season opener and there is no info about US carriers. Not even America One. They don't have the CFL listed on their website. They've updated for Indoor football, and some rugby, but that's about it. It's a shame really.

Last year Altitude TV made a last minute announcement that they were going to carry CFL games. Which they did until toward the end of the season when they yanked them citing "questionable advertising"....

The sad fact is that the CFL does not care much about U.S. viewers because they generate zero dollars for the league. This is unfortunate as their are hundreds of thousands of CFL fans across the U.S.A. who love the CFL, but are unable to watch the games. Even the TSN/CFL broadband service is blacked-out in the U.S. I know many fans would PAY to watch the games live, but that is unavailable.

The league usually waits until the regular season starts (or a few weeks after) to announce their U.S. cable carriers (subject to change.) :wink:

Hopefully there is some technology, some day, which will allow more Americans to watch our great game. :thup:

ESPN360 carries some games until the college season starts. So you get to see the first half of the season :roll:

It's ESPN3 now, and the catch with that is that your internet provider has to have some agreement with them too as was not the case with Comcast here two years ago, but I don't know now.

But hey if you have decent internet access why would anyone bother than just going pirate via sites like

Yet again, when the cable and satellite companies make access to content hard or complicated, the people get (and have a right to do so in my opinion) what they want otherwise for free. :thup: :slight_smile:

We'll see if America One updates their website or not in two weeks. Geez if they can show awful games such as Rugby LEAGUE (different from rugby as most of you might know it), they can damn well show the far better CFL action again this year.

Here's the link to find your local affiliate anywhere in the US. Ours here in Philadelphia is TCN-8 The Comcast Network for example:

I'm set when I move to Florida too so I sure hope America One carries the CFL yet again.

Comcast supports ESPN360, er, 3, as of last September. For what it's worth. It never seems to have anything worth watching for me. Though I have been thinking of taking in an Aussie rules game.

If you American fans are real lucky, the lack of announcements may mean that the League managed to dump America One for something better :rockin:

Lets hope so!

And here is the bad news for watching the CFL online:

No choice but to go pirate if viewing online I guess, but you might have luck online all the same if you can access the TV stream for a FioS or uVerse service online as well. :?

All the same there in the link you see name of the guy whom I am e-mailing at America One now to find out if they are even going to be showing the CFL action this year or not, and I'll keep you guys posted should I hear anything. I don't see why not when they show so many far less popular sports week in week out.

Bug him as well yourselves too for that matter for all I care. :stuck_out_tongue: Then he'll know we mean business and we will be harder to ignore. :thup:

Aussie rules is one game I could never get into at all, but the physical conditioning required to play it is remarkable all the same on that massive pitch on which it is played. Have a look at it if you have never watched it, and you'll basically be in a time warp of sorts.

For what it is worth for sake of the history of all football, as apparently Aussie Rules has been around since even before the formation of the Football Association in 1871 for what we know know as soccer, and Rugby Football Union the same year for rugby (union), Aussie rules resembles closely early games of football in the US, Canada, and UK before the respective coding of soccer/football, rugby, Canadian rugby/football, and American football.

The Aussie version of the fair catch, as exists today in some form still also in rugby and is called a "mark,", is called also a "mark" though such a play was called a "fair catch" originally in all the other football codes before 1871.

Also what the Aussies call a "behind" is based on the original version of the "rouge" as adopted later by Canadian rugby/football but abandoned by football in the UK.

So the next time folks wonder why American football has a fair catch or Canadian football has a rouge, well there you go those rules and others are due to just plain traditions that never changed even with Walter Camp for American football and the Canadian Rugby Football Union who codified each game's early rules about the same time respectively.

Very good explaination Paulo. And I have to admit, I actually like Aussie Rules. It takes a little getting used to. But once you get the hang of it, it can be entertaining. It won't ever replace CFL ball or anything. But on it's own merit, those boys down under have to be in serious shape to play that game of footy. I tip my hat to them. I'd like to tip something else to the networks in waiting so late to get a CFL schedule out for those of us south of the border...

Response From America One -- They Are Done With The CFL

We have to wait for a new deal down here I guess. Here is the courteous response I got today from Mr. Heibel:

Unfortunately, we are unable to receive the games from the CFL, at this time. If the CFL decides to let us air their games, we will make an announcement. But, at the moment we are unable to air the games. Thank you.
Otherwise I did get a link to at least local radio broadcasts online from Canada for the games. Wow talk about going old school if you can't get a good connection online. :roll: More on that later once I check it out.

Since somebody mentioned rugby:

Canada 33, France 27 :smiley:

Canada advances to face England next week in the Churchill cup from New Jersey. It's Canada's first appearance in the final. It was a really entertaining game! A couple of fantastic tries for the Canucks, who were down 16-3 at one point, and came from behind to win it.

[url=] ... -Canada-in[/url]

Wow I had no idea thanks for the link.

No small feat to beat France so congrats to Team Canada and would love to see them beat the England Saxons. :thup: Also I had no idea that rugby was such a big deal in the Denver area, but I guess the game is growing in the US more than I had thought.

Say how did you watch the game if you did so Rpaege?

France are the European champs, so the Canadians really pulled off a shocker.

I watch a lot of hard-to-get matches on