cfl on tsn

why the CFL would contract a network that finds womens beach volleyball and soccer more important than the games being played on Saturday sept. 17 2016 on their main network, but relegate our games to their secondary channels ,is beyond belief. I will always watch the CFL . hope you can rethink your affiliation with tsn

TSN1 is like TSN pacific, not main TSN station.

rcon is right. There has been a thread on this already and in that it was explained that TSN doesn't really have a single 'main' channel across the country anymore. The 'main' channel in Southern Ontario - TSN4 - had both games today.

Our HD gets all five TSN stations but on the small TV upstairs (not HD) I can get only TSN 2 and 4. The BC game last week was shown only on TSN 1, 3, and 5 and not on TSN 4 which at the time was a bit of a pain. There are fans all over the country like to watch all games so not having a national channel available to everyone where all games can be shown seems to be a bit short sighted in terms of building the viewing audience.

I guess we needed another thread on TSN ?? The other 9 threads on TSN coverage wasn't enough ? It's simple , spend the extra 3 bucks a month to get all the TSN channels ! The whining and crying is quite entertaining :thup: :thup:

Thats what i did. Not sure i need 5 TSN channels.

I guess TSN knows what they are doing. :thdn: