Thanks TSN.

Glad you know that teen age basketball in Croatia and a Horse Race are more important to sports fans in Canada then CFL football.

Wow , not even on TSN2. Feeds only on 3 4 and 5.

Someone please explain this.

At least I can watch it on my computer.

Good marketing TSN.

I've noticed early on none the games are on TSN 2 but yes, they seem to be spreading their content around more.

Lost the last part of the Lions-Redlacks yesterday for Whitecaps-Rapids. The game was out of reach but one feed could have carried it to the end.

Wonder if it is a regional cut off.

Here we saw the end of the BC - RB game.


Only TSN4 went to the start of the soccer game. Since TSN1 is the main TSN channel in BC and TSN5 is the main TSN channel in Ottawa they stuck with the football game as did TSN3.

So for those in Southern Ontario where TSN4 is the main TSN channel - if you don't get TSN1, 3 or 5 you would have missed the end of the game.

Thanks for the explanation. We're currently with the greater evil right now but looking to switch. We only get 2 and 4.

At least they delayed the WWC feed as the Argos-Riders was lights out

The whole idea of getting 5 TSN Channels is to offer more sports. So WHY would you expect ALL TSN channels to show the same thing???

I do not expect all 5 to show the same thing. No where did I say that.
My point is that they could have shown the horse race on CTV or TSN 2 or 3 or 4.
Today's game could have been on TSN 1 or 2.

All good though. Full screen on my computer did the job.

Seems like the best option is to subscribe to all 5. then mKe sure the game you want to watch, watch on the regional affiliate (available on the tsn website). important to note for those of us that use the optic PVR