CFL on TSN Theme

Anyone know if there is a site download or a site I can view the much improved CFL on TSN theme? The one that replaced the rock style theme for an orchestral epic and heavier them. Would love that as a ring tone.
Thanks peeps

Am I the only one who prefers the new theme?

Hadn't given it much thought to be honest. :cowboy:

I quite like it as well. You could always try to get a clip on your computer and edit it down in some sound software.

I'm looking at a torrent to see if it has the music in it and then I can see if I can pull it from there... I'll let you know.

I preferred the old theme.

The new theme is terrible. I can't decipher any strong points or anything catchy. Bring back the old one!

TSN old theme was horrible. Very low class - the updated one is much better and adds more impact full sound.....

However BRING BACK the CFL on CBC theme. Was probably better than hockey night in canada theme. Can't believe nobody has used that theme again. It was outstanding. You can do so much with that theme.

Maybe they can use it for the new CFL sponsored soccer league that you guaranteed would be starting !!! :smiley:

He know a guy who knows a guy who knows Marty York that told him so.... How dare you question him!!!!

On a game like today's, the new theme appropriately conveys the importance and excitement you want in the tv experience, much better than last year's.

No idea what it is.