CFL on TSN Pre-Season Games 2012 ??

I loved it that the CFL Pre-Season Games were televised last year, this year the games are not being televised.

I emailed TSN at

Please send TSN a quick email and let them know your concerns.


Same. It's great to see all of the prospects play. I thought they had good ratings last year? If so, they may still televise some of the games, if not all.

That's true Grims from this link I found. Scroll the page however.

Are you certain that they're not being televised this year? Last year they didn't announce it until April 29, 2011, long after the schedule was out.

i hope they DON'T televise them.
made the season seem extra long and repetitive.

definately made for some ugly football

Is TSN forcing you to watch them? If you don’t want to watch them, then simply don’t watch them. I never understand this mindset that people have where if they don’t want something aired, then they think it shouldn’t be aired. I hate Jersey Shore, but I’m not going say that MTV shouldn’t air it.

Last year’s preseason games had pretty decent viewership numbers, IIRC. I’m sure the ratings TSN got for the preseason games last year dwarfed whatever they aired the year before in the same time slot. More viewers means higher advertising rates. I’d be somewhat surprised if they don’t air at least some of them.

The last time I looked at the schedule pre-season game are on it.

I agree with this even though it's only an extra eight games. We see the same teams enough as it is over 18 games. There is no need to see them before they're even set. Besides, a little more pent-up demand wouldn't hurt.

I think someone is jumping the gun here.

they JUST released the schedule. they don't release the TV schedule for a while.

let's not start getting angry at TSN until after they release the TV schedule.

just dont watch.

Nice to have the option of watching some of the pre-season action.

Exactly. Just because it's on, that doesn't mean you MUST watch it. I mean, it's not like the Minitrue can see you through your telescreen and make you an unperson if you don't watch.

If the ratings go low enough, TSN won't show it. Personally, I hope they have it on again. Yeah it's not the greatest football (nor the worst) but it's more exposure for the CFL.

If they had not aired pre season last yr, I would not know how promising Mike Reilly looked. Now I can look forward to seeing more of him. I believe we also saw a promising canadian QB in the esks camp? Its nice to get a look at who is waiting in the wings for each team.

Someone asked the CFL on TSN twitter account if the pre-season games would be televised. The response was "Likely but that is still to be determined."

Thanks for the update.

Friday, June 15 Edmonton at Calgary 9pm/6pm TSN2
Wednesday, June 20 Hamilton at Winnipeg 8pm/5pm TSN2

Looks like two pre season games are being televised :thup:

Hopefully there are more to come. I remember checking a while ago and I could have sworn there were three games on the schedule. Still, I'm glad Calgary's game is televised because I want to see how Sinopoli is coming along.

All the pre season games should be shown and especially as the TV numbers are awesome.
So this should not even be a tough decision by the network.

Agree no question. :thup: