CFL on TSN Power Rankings

Hate the Riders all you want but there is no way you can't rank a 6-1 team first when the next best team in the league is 4-3. BC should have been ranked 5th last week anyways so I see the move to 4th as a move up.

Power rankings are compiled on a weekly basis and as such have little to do with won-lost records. Otherwise, the power rankings each week would just be in order of best record to worst record.

The Riders looked terrible against Calgary and played exactly one good quarter of football that still resulted in a loss. Furthermore, they have not dominated anyone for weeks and could easily be 4-3 were it not for the ineptitude of certain teams in the fourth quarter.

Here are my rankings:


Power rankings aren't just based on dominating. They are based on your ability to play from one week to the next. They are based on what your team is currently capable of doing.

So lets look at the statements about riders. No they haven't dominated. But they have beat every team with a winning record. They have only lost to a team that was .500 at time. Whereas Calgary and or BC haven't shown the consistancy to be ranked in either the number 1 or I would suggest the number 2 spot this year.

The only thing I don't understand is how Toronto, who got whooped by Hamilton TWICE, is listed ahead of them in the power rankings. How can anyone say that Toronto is a better team when they haven't even come close to beating them this year? And two of Toronto's three wins were against the sad-sack Blue Bombers, whom Hamilton has yet to play!

Just goes to show you that power rankings are meaningless.