CFL on TSN Power Rankings

Whether or not I watched the games changes nothing.

The point is that you are saying that BC should be ranked higher than Edmonton because Edmonton didn't look good while beating BC!

If the winner didn't look good, then the loser looked even worse

since ive stopped doing 'the REAL power rankings' in '06, the power rankings published by TSN have been a farce. ( heck, they were bad even when i was doing them )

#1 Saskatchewan: Undefeated...nothing else needs to be said
#2 Edmonton: Big come-from-behind win showed determination and the show of support for tucker may have brought this team closer than any other in the league
#3 Montreal: have they finally learned how to keep a lead? if so, look out
#4 Toronto:defence looks to be comming into form, but offence is still hit and miss.
#5 Calgary: look great one game then terrible the next. defence wins championships, and calgary's is lacking. plus, they're winnipeg's only win.
#6 BC: have they beaten a west team yet? 3 wins but 2 against winnipeg, because of that, they are 1-3 in my mind.
#7 Winnipeg: where is the heart? i see no desire to win, just going thu the motions expecting to get by on last years accomplishments.
#8 Hamilton: injured RB, injured QB, injured recievers. why doesnt this affect sask? because the tabbies have no depth..heck they barely have players that would be starters on other teams.

Didnt TSN at one time give their reasoning as to why they selected as they did?

tsn's reasoning seems to ONLY take into account the last weekends worth of games..they have very short-term memory.

I went over and checked sportsnets....they are more realistic....

Riders 6-0-0 Six and freaking oh. If this keeps up Ken Miller will have people in Saskatchewan wondering who exactly coached the team last year. I absolutely loved the heads up play by Wes Cates on that fumble recovery touchdown at the end of the second quarter. Even more amazing than all the victories so far this year has been all the injuries the Riders have been forced to overcome. Just wait until after Labour Day when guys like John Chick and Andy Fantuz start making their way back to the lineup.

Eskimoa 4-2-0 Down 24-10 to the Lions, the Eskies reached down for something extra and force-fed BC a big old can of whoop ass. I didn’t think Danny Maciocia’s team had it in them. Feeding off the emotion of Jason Tucker’s appearance at Commonwealth, the Eskies impressed the hell out of me with the way they won that football game. Given time to operate, Ricky Ray is a treat to watch play quarterback. Argos fans will find this interesting: Noel Prefontaine leads the CFL in kicking points.

Toronto 3-3-0 Rich Stubler called out his defence after their loss to the Riders. Jonathan Brown and the Argos “D? responded with an inspired performance against the Bombers. Offensively, the Argos racked up 19 first downs with nothing to show for it. Dominique Dorsey and Mike Vanderjagt provided all the scoring and the defence did the rest. Hats off the Argos and the CFL for honouring the sad and sudden passing of Leif Petterson.

BC 3-3-0 Wally Buono can put up with a lot of things. Blowing a 24-10 lead in the second half is not one of them. Jarious Jackson’s third quarter interception to Bradley Robinson completely changed the complexion of the game. That and the presence of Jason Tucker served to inspire the Eskimos and doom the Lions. No matter what they did, the Lions weren’t going to overcome the Tucker Karma and win this game. Now the test for the Lions is to get their act together for the re-match at BC Place on Friday.

Calgary 3-3-0 Jock Climie and the TSN panel were bang on when they said that JoJuan Armour got screwed by the refs Saturday night. Armour was clearly knocked into the ref and there was no way he should have ever been kicked out of the game. That was a bush league call, but having said that, you can’t blame the refs for the Stamps’ slow start. Henry Burris was ticked off after the game by the lack of a complete and total effort by his team for four quarters and John Hufnagel took some heat in Calgary for his third down gamble late in the fourth quarter. I am still not quite sure why he didn't let Burris go for the quarterback sneak.

Montreal 3-3-0 The jury might still be out on what Marc Trestman is all about, but Anthony Calvillo is still money in the bank when he has time to throw. Calvillo has thrown for at least 300 yards in five of the Als’ first six games. Even more impressive is the fact that Calvillo leads the CFL with a whopping 16 touchdown passes through the first third of the season. The cycnic in me says that the Als have beaten the Bombers once and the Ticats twice. Once they start beating some of the top teams in the CFL, the Als will begin to get more love in the Power Rankings.

Winnipeg 1-5-0 It just doesn’t seem possible. The Bombers, a team filled with so much talent, are 1-5 through the first third of the season. Talking to Milt Stegall after the game Friday, he was blunt when he said the Bombers will be making changes in a real hurry. Ryan Dinwiddie and the Bombers offence were virtually non-existent in the first half. Berry looks a man that has had enough and will not accept this kind of performance anymore. If Dinwiddie does get the start Friday against the Als, he will be on a mighty short leash.
Hamilton 1-5-0 As the losses pile up in Hamilton the list of players that have lost their job keeps growing longer and longer. Bob O’Billovich and Charlie Taaffe have already released Jason French, Kori Dickerson and Clinton Wayne. With NFL teams poised to start making serious cuts, expect more players in the Hammer to be shown the door. Rebuilding a team isn’t easy and the Ticats are obviously not shy about making tough decisions this year. At some point Jesse Lumsden will go an entire season with-out getting injured. I think.

Its hard to even accept that when winning teams drop(Toronto) and losing teams stay the same(BC)

I'd sure like to know their reasoning for some of their rankings... :?

Sportsnet is no better IMO
BC and Cal are both comming off losses are ahead of Montreal who is comming off a win

Probably because Montreal's in the East and they just beat the Ticats at home, which doesn't count for much.

Montreal may have only beaten the Ti-Cats, but B.C. has yet to beat a Western team.

Or lose to an Eastern team which shows either the East is weak or the West is very strong.

TSN's ranking are going to be wonky as it's a collective effort and not just 1 sane person doing them :slight_smile:

I'd rank em:

  1. Sask
  2. Edmonton
  3. Calgary
  4. BC
  5. Montreal
  6. Toronto
  7. Hamilton
  8. Winnipeg

I think you could make a case for 3,4,5 to go either way. Both BC and Calgary have beaten Montreal, although Montreal did lead for the majority of the game both times.

I actually think Hamilton has had more opportunities to win games than Winnipeg.

which has nothing to do with why they are ranked second

TSN is smart to rank BC #2 ahead of teams with similar number of points. In the long term, BC has more overall talent and upside potential.

Massive injuries make Saskatchewan offense and Calgary defense both overrated. 6 weeks aren't indicative of entire season. Obviously, recent trends cannot continue forever. Otherwise, Saskatchewan would be 18-0 with 18 players injured at end of season?

B.C is a team without leadership and without a quality quarterback. They have yet to beat a team from the West and 2/3 their wins have come against the basement dwellers in the East. The Lions have had the softest schedule in the West and are where they belong, in the basement and that’s where they will be at the end of the year. They better hope for a crossover.

Whoever came up with these power rankings must have got a hold of some B.C. mushrooms. If not for the Bombers being a bad team the Lions could easily be 1-5 now.

I do agree, I think they are basing BC's current ranking on how they performed last year when they led the west and the league in the standings.

They still have much of that talent left on the team, except now Jarious is the starting quarterback and there's a ton of pressure on him and he's not handled it well.

Power rankings are supposed to be based on now. Not potential, not talent and not injuries. At least not in how it will affect them as opposed to how it has affected them.

Nor is it supposed to take the entire 18 game season into account, only the games played to date

Sweet Jesus... B.C. lost last week but stayed in 2nd. They won this week but dropped 2 spots.

The guys at TSN need to sober up before making their Power Rankings...

(Last updated: August 11th)

* [1] Saskatchewan (Last Week: 1)
* [2] Montreal (Last Week: 3)
* [3] Calgary (Last Week: 5)
* [4] B.C. (Last Week: 2)
* [5] Edmonton (Last Week: 4)
* [6] Toronto (Last Week: 6)
* [7] Hamilton (Last Week: 8 )
* [8] Winnipeg (Last Week: 7)

These rankings are closer to what they should have been last week. I suspect they looked over at Sportsnet and copied theirs.

I have no problem with these rankings.

Let's see. Toronto's only win in the past week has come against the same team that is now at the bottom of the standings. They lost badly to Hamilton this week. Yet they still rate ABOVE Hamilton in the standings? Bah. IMO Stubler has already lost the dressing-room.

Gotta love how B.C. can win a game against a 4-2 team but drop two points in the standings, while the Riders can mess the bed for three whole quarters against Calgary, then fall short in the fourth quarter, but maintain their no. 1 spot in the rankings. What a crock.