CFL on TSN Power Rankings

CFL on TSN Power Rankings
(Last updated: August 4th)

[1] Saskatchewan (Last Week: 1)
[2] B.C. (Last Week: 2)
[3] Montreal (Last Week: T-4)
[4] Edmonton (Last Week: 6)
[5] Calgary (Last Week: 3)
[6] Toronto (Last Week: T-4)
[7] Winnipeg (Last Week: 7)
[8] Hamilton (Last Week: 8 )

(Power Rankings are compiled on a weekly basis by the CFL on TSN commentators and analysts)

The undefeated Saskatchewan Roughriders are making things easy for the TSN crew that determines the weekly power rankings. But the same cannot be said for the Lions, Alouettes and Eskimos.

The Roughriders continue to lose players to injury, win games any way possible and hold on to top spot. But second, third and fourth places were hotly contested this week.

In a clash between two of the top three teams in last week's rankings, the Roughriders held on for a narrow 22-21 victory over the Calgary Stampeders at McMahon Stadium on Saturday.

While the margin of victory was not large, the effort put forth by the injury-riddled squad from Regina certainly was. And there were some breaks along the way. Stampeders' linebacker JoJuan Armour was ejected for physical abuse of official on the second play from scrimmage, a call that was later labelled "unwarranted" by Director of Officiating Tom Higgins. And, after Matt Dominguez fumbled the ball, running back Wes Cates picked it up in full stride and ran it in for a crucial touchdown.

With the loss, the Stampeders dropped from third to fifth in the rankings.

Despite a 35-24 loss to the resurgent Edmonton Eskimos, the underachieving B.C. Lions remained in second place. The Lions led the Eskimos by a wide margin in the third quarter but could not hang on at an emotionally-charged Commonwealth Stadium. A pre-game visit from injured wide receiver Jason Tucker, who suffered a broken neck last week, played a factor but it wasn't the entire story.

"After all the emotion early for Edmonton, the Eskimos lulled and needed a wake-up call and it came from Bradley Robinson's interception," said CFL on TSN analyst Duane Forde. "The offence responded to that play by taking over the game with 25 unanswered points."

With the win, the Eskimos made the biggest move of the week, moving up from sixth place into fourth.

The Montreal Alouettes jumped up from a tie for fourth to sole possession of third with a 40-33 win over the struggling Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Coming in on a three-game losing skid, the Alouettes got back in the win column thanks in large part to the play of pivot Anthony Calvillo, who became the fourth quarterback in CFL history to reach 300 career touchdown passes.

''It's something that I'm definitely going to reflect on, now and then when I'm done,'' Calvillo said after the game. ''I continue to stay healthy and I'm surrounded by good talent and good things are going to come from that, so as long as I can stay healthy and these guys do their job around me, we're going to do some special things here in Montreal.''

The Toronto Argonauts defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in a rematch of last year's East Final but the CFL on TSN dropped the Double Blue down two spots due in part to the fact the Argos could not manage an offensive touchdown in the sloppy contest.

The Blue Bombers and Tiger-Cats remain unchanged at seventh and eighth respectively.

I just don't understand how they could put a BC team that keeps losing at 2nd. Power rankings, to me, are a what have you done lately thing, and giving up the kind of lead they gave up does not merit a 2nd place to me. I'd put them in 4th

I've been following their rankings for a few weeks now, and I have to say they come up with the most messed up rankings that I've ever seen for any sport!

BC loses and are in 4th place in their division and retain 2nd while the team in 2nd in the division and just beat BC is in 4th place

Toronto wins and drops 2 places!

Powers ranking have always been and always will be......ridiculous

to me, power rankings mean who is most powerful today, regardless of yesterday.

Which team do you least want to play tomorrow vs which team do you most want to play tomorrow.

Keeping in mind how much sask is hurting right now. I see it this way


If I were in the East, I definitely wouldn't want to play Montreal. But if I were in the West, I couldn't care less. :lol:

You should care. We could easily have won the B.C. and Saskatchewan games if not for bone-headed officiating and some special teams blunders. I’m not saying the Als are the best. I’m saying that you shouldn’t take them lightly just because they’re playing in an admittedly weak Eastern conference.

I think if BC had the choice of playing any team 18 times in a regular season they might choose Montreal. Their record against them speaks for itself.

What you say is correct... but I was only joking, hence the laughing emoticon at the end of my post. :wink:

Ah, joke noted. :slight_smile:

Actually, I can't figure out how the Eskimos aren't ranked higher than they are. B.C. has looked sluggish and uninspired for most of this season, while Edmonton has surpassed my expectations and even pulled out a win without Tucker or much of a running game.

Well, it's like I was saying in my first post, TSN's rankings are the most ridiculous that I've ever seen. I think one of the analysts gets his kids to do them. :?

I think their logic is that BC was also missing the best receiver in the CFL Geroy Simon, and that Edmonton looked god awful for most of the game. Yes, Edmonton won but they didn’t look great doing it, plus they were at home.

You're right. I forgot Edmonton had Jason Tucker in the line-up. Oh, wait, that's right, we didn't because he injured his neck in the game against Hamilton. :roll:

Hence the world 'also'.

Then how did Sask maintain their top spot when they were pulling out last-minute wins against Hamilton and Montreal and definitely not looking great doing it?

SO BC looked good.....losing?

I stand by what I said.

Did you watch the game ro?

As do I.

BC definitely doesnt deserve to be no. 2 on the list- they have lost to all 3 divisional opponents, so they should be ranked below all of them. I would rank them this way: