CFL on TSN Live Mic -cgy vs ham

This is going to be epic. We will get to listen to the QB's and Coaches on the headset.

not sure if they will have regular feed on TSN main channel 1 and live mic on the others like ABC does for college football.

great idea

I hate the idea.

I think it will be annoying and distracting.

I might skip this one. I will see if I can endure the first qtr.

I will most likely turn to TSN sports desk to just see the outcome.

To bad. Was looking FWD to this. Could be a Grey Cup preview.

Of all the games to ruin , why pick this one ?

lol you are an idiot.. this is probably going to be the best thing cfl on tsn has ever done. NCAA championship had this idea and few others. coaches room, etc and it was awesome. probably more entertaining than ever. hopefully rod black is covering it also. it will be epic

OK, so somebody has a different opinion than you and they are an idiot. :roll:

LOL, even the guys on the panel who do nothing but argue, do not resort to that.

BTW rookie, you are going to have to do a lot better name calling than that to get under my skin.

It is real thick.

Sounds really cool. Have any other leagues done this?

A real fan watches, doesn't matter if it's in black and white and you need to haul out the rabbit ears. You sound like child who isn't getting their way !

It might be interesting for a while. I'll be curious to see how they use it though. Will they keep all 4 mics open all the time (both QB's and both coaches) or only one at a time. It could get messy if all mics are open and they are all talking at once - at the same time Cuthbert or Suitor are saying something. That might become somewhat irritating pretty fast.

Plus the entire game broadcast is going to be on a 10 second delay to give them the chance to kill the mics for any cursing and to prevent 'any proprietary information' from being given away. Hmm - can they succeed at that? That will certainly be a challenge for whoever it is who has their finger on the kill audio button for each person's mic - especially trying to determine the 'proprietary information' part.

With ESPN's 'Megacasts' of the NCAA Football National Championship games they kept a traditional telecast on the main ESPN network and on other minor ESPN networks (ESPNNews, ESPN2, ESPNU, various streams of ESPN3) - each one offered some variation. Partisan (home) announcers on one channel for each team, another channel with a living room like setting with football players talking about the game as they watched, another with a Coach's Room, another where they had experts breaking down film as the game was happening, another channel with no announcers just enhanced sounds from the stadium with extra field mics so you could here some of the things being shouted by players and coaches etc.

Overwhelmingly most people stuck with the traditional broadcast according to ESPN.

It should be interesting and worth a try - but I'm guessing at some point I may be wishing I had the option of flipping to a channel that just had the traditional type broadcast. We'll see.

I am with you on this. But I am a ticat fan with a steak and eggs breakfast bet on this game .I will be watching no matter what.

People are always after the league and TSN to try new things and market their product. Now they are and some people are whining . If it doesn't work , big deal. At least they are trying different ideas .

On the surface this sounds like a great idea.

Logistically, I’m not sure it makes sense.

Both coaches and both QBs miked up. Okay, so we’ll hear something like: “43 left 7 go 915 blue on 3”. And this is going to help us enjoy the game how?

As for everyone talking at once, I’m sure we’ll only hear the coach and QB of the team on offense. But how do we know it’s not going to give too much information?

It might be interesting hearing the QB telling a guy “great catch” after a play or hearing him swear (bleeped, I imagine) as he’s getting chased out of the pocket.

Where this will be entertaining is on CFL 30, where we’ll hear things we generally don’t, like conversations in the huddle. But during the game, I don’t know whether this will be good or not.

I guess we’ll have to see.

I would like to hear the command centre on challenges and hear what they are saying and see what they are looking at so we have a proper prospective . They do this with Rugby and it's actually enhances your game viewing and understanding what was being looked at . I would rather they do this than the coaches but I will watch and have an open mind .

I assure you, I am a real fan. Bet I have been watching the CFL longer than you.

Not a problem. Plan B for me.

While watching on tv , I will turn down the sound and just listen to the local Calgary broadcast of the game.

There is a 5 second delay, between radio ( live ) and tv ( delay ) but it will be better.

If you have been watching before 1977 ,you got me ?

1977? Kasps, I didn't know that you were just a kid. :smiley:

(PS - As an old dude, I think that I will find it annoying but I'm willing to give it a shot, myself.)

You are going to have AT LEAST a five second further delay on the TSN signal because they are building in an extra delay for this game to give them time to bleep out cursing and 'proprietary info'.

In some ways if you do that - it will give you the feeling of being a psychic for the night - knowing what happens every play before you see it. :slight_smile:

Do you think that maybe, just maybe, we could not complain about how crappy some may think it will be until we have actually seen it?
Who knows we just may be pleasantly surprised.

I’m curious whether their huddle comments are considered public, and therefore susceptible to the same punitive action as a tweet?

Yes , it might be fun that way.

I will know that the pass is complete , before a ball is passed.

I was born in 1963 and have followed the CFL since I was 5. 1968 was the first game I remember watching on tv.

Been hooked since , and will til I die.

I haven't seen or heard a game that did this, I will wait and see.
I think it will add something. Probably won't be used for the entire game.

I could see if all the mikes are on at the same time, it could get messy, but doubt they will do that.

As someone stated before, I see this adding mikes to players and coaches more as something that could use for a later promotional package, or CFL 30.