CFL on TSN kicks off w/ exclusive live coverage of pre-season action

TORONTO — CFL on TSN primes fans for kickoff of the 2022 CFL season with exclusive live coverage of a slate of four pre-season games. As the exclusive broadcaster of the CFL, Canada’s Sports Leader begins its pre-season coverage with the Toronto Argonauts heading to TD Place to face the Ottawa REDBLACKS tonight (Friday, May 27) at 7:30 p.m. ET on TSN,, and the TSN app.

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two of the 4 games feature the SK Riders?

C'mon - there are more teams in the league than just them

Fans should be happy any preseason games are televised... they're basically an add-on to TSN's coverage with ad revenue likely barely covering production expenses. At least with SK there's somewhat of a guaranteed audience.


TSN, Don't pat yourself on the back too hard. How do I watch the other preseason games? I would really like to see the Ti-Cat/Als game!


In the past, at least one team (Bombers?, Roughriders?) streamed a one camera version on its website. Is anyone doing that this year?

2 of the 4 games are the Redblacks?

Cmon- there are more teams in the league than just them

Maybe there is favouritism for current and former Rider teams??

As a Cat fan, I have to wonder why they were not included in this weeks televised games on TSN? They too were a Grey Cup team and instead we see the Argos and Ottawa??? Come on TSN get with it!


They should be televising all of the pre season games, most days they don't have anything else on tsn anyway.


Cry us a river, they know who drives their ratings even though they treat the Riders and their fan base like dirt on a regular basis.

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TSN really LOVES those Riders, Elks and Stamps.

Forget preseason. TSN, upgrade your coverage of everything west of Toronto starting with improved cameras. Winnipeg is merely OK, but Regina is worse and the two Alberta broadcasts look barely better than SD. By the time TSN reaches BC, the broadcast is often in shambles, with the field and players looking like they're playing in near dark. It's the 21st century, why so few 4K games, esp. west of Toronto?

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Also an opportunity for TSN to work on their production which it appears they don't think they have to.

Sad part is charging full price for tickets.

Thats right
I wish that TSN would get their 4K-ing shite together! :rofl:

TSN really LOVES those Riders, Elks and Stamps? Really!!
Well you got 1 out of three right! They broadcast 2 of the 4 pre-season games for Riders, 2 for Ottawa, 1 each for Argos, Als and Bombers but none for Ticats, Elks or Stamps.
So how do you figure the really LOVE Elks & Stamps ?
I would say TSN really LOVES the Riders & the Eastern teams (except for Hamilton)

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Glenn Suitor downplaying a 35 yd run by Dakota Prukop saying they already know he can run but it will come down to his pocket presence that decides if he makes the team is already making me reach for the mute button. TSN mails it in again this year.

O'dell Willis would be an excellent color man but lets keep doing it the same way with the same people anyway.

Wonder if mute button Suitor and his pal will actually broadcast the game on Friday night or just babble non stop about nothing like they did on Tuesday night?

For two weeks in a row - we watch the same teams play - as a Tiger Cat fan, I would like to see my team too in the pre-season. This is how the CFL loses their audience - whoever is in charge has no idea.