CFL on TSN *groan*

Before I get into my rant of the morning let me start out by saying that I love the coverage that TSN gives the CFL and that I'd rather sit through hours of commentators blowing smoke up Argo's a***es than have to watch the CFL on CBC.

Now for my morning rant...

This morning I woke up and turned TSN on, as per usual. The CFL on TSN panel was there discussing the games from last night...

They stated that it was one of the best games of the year so far and then proceeded to...

  • Talk about how awesome the Argo's played ,
  • Talk about how Cleo Lemon is becoming GREAT,
  • Talk about how Hamilton made a bunch of mistakes.

All the highlights they showed were of amazing Argo's passes, hits, etc... and Hamilton blunders.

This all being said... I kind of understand why they're Argo's nuthuggers...

Toronto is a huge market and there are probably more people in Toronto that watch TSN than any other place in the country. So they have to put a positive spin on an Argo's lose to keep fans interested. The CFL, as much as we hate to say it, needs a strong franchise in Toronto.

But still...

Can they lay off a little bit? Can they say anything positive about an Argo's opponent?

ps - Jock Clime is the second worst TV personality in Canada (PJ Stock is by far the worst)

I'm not sure Lemon is on the verge of greatness, however, as someone here said last night he looked like Warren Moon. That's more a reflection of our Defence than his abilities though.

Toronto is the largest sports market in the nation and critical to the success of the CFL. In this day and age we shouldn't get as upset about bias reporting. Twenty years ago you had to rely on such t.v. panels and the newspaper. Today we have outlets like this chatroom, Drew, Russ, and Josh have excellent blogs, Twitter, etc. There are many ways to get your TiCats fix and varying opinions.

Thing is I pretty much agree with what the panel had to say. If Prefontain doesn't miss that twenty yarder then the blue team ties the game on their last drive and we head to overtime. The TiCats are supposed to be a contender this year yet went to the last second to squeeze out a victory against a now 1&6 team.

The best thing about being at IWS last night was not having to listen to Rod Black.

:thup: :thup:

The CFL, as much as we hate to say it, needs a strong franchise in Toronto.

Well I would just say that the CFL would very much prefer a strong franchise in Toronto. The CFL managed to stay afloat in the early 90's with a season ticket base of around 2500 for the Argonauts if I'm not mistaken and that is not a strong franchise any way you look at it. So I think that it is speculating whether or not the CFL actually requires a strong Argo franchise. Perhaps in the future some sort of different model could exist with no Toronto franchise per se but rather a very strong franchise down the road in southern Ontario in Hamilton that is getting an almost new stadium. Who knows really. :?

who cares what the panel has to say that's their individual opinion and an opinion is like an a$$ everyone has one.

Bottom Line who won the game

Oh that's right the Tiger-Cats.

That is why many Western fans call TSN the "Toronto Sports Network"...

While I was at the game and glued to the field, we do have a TV in the box (yes there are perks to being the Caretaker :wink:) but we leave the sound off - so I thought TSNs coverage was brilliant!

Seriously, I think TSN are doing a great job. Having said that: anything can always be improved. So I am a little concerned that TSN did not make a single change to their game coverage, panels, or analysts, between last year and this year. They may be very good but nobody is perfect, and you cannot get better if you are not willing to make at least a change or two. Besides the changes are fun and entertaining in themselves.

I agree with pretty much everything you said (especially about me, lol).

The only thing I disagree with is this Argo team is the same one that lost by a mere one point to a then undefeated Edmonton squad. So it's not like everyone else was beating them 40-0 every week and then the Cats had their hands full. So the Cats having to squeeze out a tight victory isn't really that big a deal, IMO. Why the game was so close (namely, the defense) is something that should be looked at (and no doubt will be looked at), but it doesn't really bother me that the game was so close. But again, that's just my opinion, and I do see where you are coming from.

As far as TSN's bias, it doesn't really bother me. To just parrot what Ockham said, there are so many outlets that it doesn't matter what one person or panel thinks. It's just their opinion. If they'd rather talk about the Argos instead of the Ti-Cats, so be it. I don't need them to tell me what I saw, and the vast majority of people, especially on this forum, are the same. We're not experts, but we're also not novices either. If the TSN panel would rather discuss the Boatmen, so be it. No biggie, IMO.

One thing I'd like TSN to copy from American NFL broadcasts is the super slo motion bighlights that make the highlights look bigger than life. Can't be that difficult I doubt. :?

You need a special slow motion machine which I am told costs millions and i am not sure TSN has same.
But it would be nice with it.

It is so awesome to have an owner/caretaker that actually watches the games and is a fan himself. So refreshing! I have a picture with you and my wife, taken at Scott Park before a Labour Day Classic. How many other sports fans can meet their owner at a tailgate?

You're the best!

:thup: :thup:

Doesn't BellGlobeMedia make tons of money? The are in the business of sports broadcasting, get the darn technology/equipment.for pete sakes. :?

If Caretaker was in part referring to something like this, couldn't agree more.

Good point. It's worth noting the current beasts of the East were 4 and 14 last year with I think eight games lost by less than a touchdown. The blue team isn't as bad as their record may indicate nor is Edmonton as good. An eighteen game schedule tends to work itself out eventually.

Not just western fans. We here in Ottawa have been calling it that for year, especially during the hockey season. The Sens win a game against the Laffs, and all you see is an interview with the Laffs's coach saying how it was a tough game, that given a few breaks, it could have gone the other way, how the officiating was suspect, etc.. Really annoying...and I'm a Habs fan. :roll:

On the other side, CBC is even worse, so guess I shouldn't complain too much. (I don't really remember much about CTV's coverage back in the seventies, other that the theme music.

I want to start off by saying, just like I said before, that I don't care about any TSN bias. It doesn't bother me.


I just watched the game ball segment and Climie gave his to Cleo Lemon. Climie also said had the Argos not fumbled with one second left, Lemon would have thrown a TD to win the game for the Argos. Take that for what you will.

Anyone else mute their TV when they see Jock Climies mouth start to move?

Used to really like Mr. Climie but not entirely sure any more. :?

For me it’s Rod Black. Please, when will the techology arrive so that we can select ‘crowd noise’ only - just like being there.

Who would you chop ???

Climie is my pick, would like to see a former CFL coach on the panel!