cfl on tsn camera angle too low

watching some games in stadiums like Winnipeg, Toronto, Edmonton are horrible for camera views. Way too low and too zoomed in.

Watching games in the NFL, NCAA they have great high up views.

I think it has something to do with the buildings cause I recall NHL games like this before until they get into their new arenas.

Watching football with a camera angle high up is a lot more enjoyable.

watch the Alouettes game tonight. the camera angle is probably the best in the CFL next to Calgary.... it's not perfect but still very good.

Then in Edmonton it's way too close.

it's like the NHL. Pittsburgh Penguins at the igloo had the best camera angle. Then they move into their new arena and it's horrible.

Too many screw ups when they don't plan for tv camera positioning in these new arenas.....

And it doesn't have to be high up. Perfect example is the old Winnipeg arena. They had it low next to the luxury suites and it was perfect. MTS Centre it's too low. The entire playing field should be seen on a 15 degree agree max from the lense. They go basically 45 (like calgary flames, toronto argos, blue bombers, eskimos)

watch tonight for the big difference.

…place a 6’ step ladder a distance away from the TV and sit on the top rung

Now that's the quote of the day folks!!!! Bravo :lol: :lol:

OMG - rcon and I actually agree on something. Redandwhite you've performed a miracle! (And come up with a GREAT line. Well done)

Its done to hide all of the empty seats this season

I think the Angles are fine but you can't really do much about them. every stadium has different configurations and heights.

I just say, stop complaining and enjoy the game.

must be a canadian thing that you all just say everything is fine, deal with it,etc

the NFL and NCAA require camera angles to be set a certain way. The CFL does not and it looks like garbage in many stadiums. Montreal does it the right way.

The NHL is horrible as well.

Must be an American thing to whine about silly inconsequential issues, and to have no sense of humour.

In Toronto the permanent little pods for the cameras they use are on the facing of the 200 level with some cameras they use up in the 300 or 400 level where the press box is.

By the way for the NFL Bills games from Toronto on Fox, NFL Network and CBS used those exact same camera angles as did ESPN2 for International Bowls. So it is not a 'Canadian' thing - it just happens to be where the camera locations are in the stadium. Sometimes during Bills games on American discussion boards like on ESPN or the Bills own chatboards sometimes there were some comments about the 'strange' lower than normal angle - but nobody seemed to make a big deal of it.

Ya so you agree. It's a canadian thing. You think the NFL went all crazy about where the pads were? NCAA and NFL make sure its in the right place.

This needs to change cause games like in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Toronto are horrible. It's like they zoom intot he ball. You can't even see a WR down the field lol

In Rogers Centre they are at a level and angle good for baseball.