CFL on the Sopranos

I was just watching the 6th season of the Sopranos, and towards the end of Episode 10(49:55), inside the Soprano home a football game is on TV in the background.

You can distinctly hear Chris Cuthbert calling a completion to Jamal Richardson

NFL License fees must be enormous if HBO has to have to the CFL on the 'fake' TV as thier football, but I thought it was pretty awesome

That could be Frank Ferrara paying some respect to the CFL & for his time with the Lions.Big Frank played for the Leos in 2005 & his other day job was an extra or stunt double on The Sopranos! Dats wot i'm tawk'n about! :rockin:

That's pretty cool.


Ferrara: NFL, say hello to my little friend! :lol:

Oh ya man,I was bummed when the lions cut Ferrara.He was a fan favorite out here.I couldn't get enough of that New Yawk accent!Born in the big apple,played 4Yrs for his home town Giants then had his eyes opened up with the wide open field & talent that the Canadian League offered him.Fuggetaboutit! :rockin:

who cares about some ex-jock who could only play in the cfl for one season?

Who cares!The man got the play football in both the Canadian and the National League and he gets to play a Goodfella on The Sopranos!Not to many people can say that!

blah blah blah, listen up jerry maguire go get your client some real jobs and maybe the mainstream public would know who he is. The way that people are desrcibing him, he seems like one of those steroid induced, italian new yorkers with that annoying accent like that chick from the nanny.

Seems like playmaker knows about such assessments from personal experience. "Hey! Ba-da-boom. Ba-da-bing."

Insert large laughter!