CFL on the score?

ok...we all know by now that sportsnet doesnt show CFL games because thier time is consumed with those helpless bluejays.....

BUT what about THE SCORE???...y dont they pick up the non-televised games..they already have CFL snap, so its odd they have a show promoting the CFL but then dont show any games to take advantage???

y dont we e-mail the score ( instead of repeatedly emailin sportsnet ), and ask them y they dont show the games, and if its possible for them to pick some up either this year or next!!!

heres a link to message them our concerns:

Sounds like a more viable option to me. Still can't see anything happening with it for this season, but perchance for next.....

bump...need more people to e-mail the score

I thought this was going to be about Saturday's game on the CBC. Some people were talking about having it on another network, but it's too late to make that kind of change now. It'll be weird to watch a game with no play-by-play, but I sure won't miss Walby!!!!!!

Anyway, on your topic, didn't Sportsnet have a couple of games last year? They seemed to have dropped it now. Games on The Score, if they will help get EVERY game on television, would be a great idea. Of course the production values would be much lower than what we're used to on CBC and TSN.

who cares if the in studio produstion is less? long as ALL the games are on t.v.

true…they do show , CFL SNAP on , Tuesdays.

Producton costs are high for any CFL broadcast. But if they did something similar to what they did with curling and used CBCs or tsns production teams, paid them for it and advertised for them as well. Wouldn't any competeing TV network want to do that?

im waitin on the score to return my e-mail....i'll post thier reply

Stupid Score always seems to be able to make plennnnnnty of time for the NFL ... >:-(

Good idea, I just emailed them through that link. Thanks.

What really is confusing to me, is The Score only shows OUA University football. The quality of football in the east and west is way better tha OUA schools. Vanier Cup teams always come out of the east and west, hardly ever is there an OUA team wins the Vanier. I don't understand.

but my thing is this....EVERY CFL game is being recorded by the league anyways...for review the visuals are all ready there...all they really have to do, is get the broadcast rights, and have thier own play-by-play guys and in-studio shows at which, they already have CFL snap, so they COULD do it...
all the score ever shows is horse racing and poker, besides highlights for 20 hours of the day.

WRITE LETTERS…If they get more than 5 it can work…depending on T.V. contracts…

For every letter ,call or e-mail they recieve…it is counted as if 300 people want that.

i emailed and they still havent responded...atleast sportsnet wrote me back with an explination!

I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you..