Was watching Saturday Night Live this weekend (Bruce Willis as host) and noticed an Argblows Ticats game was on the TV in a skit. It was the "Boys Dance Party" skit and the game is shown quite clearly for a few seconds. The 'blows are on offence and I can't tell if their QB is Cleo Lemon or Danny Branigan(sp). I will try to find a link, but NBC doesn't seem to allow Canadians to view files from their site.

pretty common practice on american shows to have CFL games on in the background. this kind of a recurring post,

simple fact of the matter is it's cheaper to buy rights to broadcast portions of CFL games than it is to buy NFL games (which i assume charge as much to show snippets of games as they do for SuperBowl commercials...)

think there was an episode of Modern Family that had a game on the background a last year and a few other shows recently too

Yep, and I posted in those threads. I was just pointing out another sighting and offering a chance for others who may want to see it an idea of what to look for. Plus, I thought the "boy dance party" skit was pretty funny. Bruce Willis trying to dance...

Last year on "How I met your mother" Robin was remembering when she was to perform at Ivor Wynne stadium "which is near Guelph" it was a funny episode with a lot of cameos of Canadians ( Dave Thomas, Geddy Lee, Alan Thicke, Jason Preistly, and I can't remember the side kick to Letterman.)

Found a link:

[url=] ... rty-video/[/url]

You may have to use the "international" viewer. Enjoy.

In the Deer Hunter the boys aren't watching a Steelers' or Mountaineers' game on the bar TV; it's clearly an Argonaut game at Exhibition Stadium.

And of course, there's Calvillo's big screen debut in The Sum of All Fears. The Superbowl in the film was a game between the Als and the Blew team, and there was at least one close up of AC.