CFL On Sirius

Part of the press release from the CFL:

26 CFL games including the playoffs and Grey Cup will be broadcast across North America on SIRIUS Satellite Radio’s Hardcore Sports Radio // ch. 186 and Sports Action // ch. 123

Interestingly, on the same day as this was released, 2 Tiger Cat Dance Team members appeared on Sirius's most famous radio show and caused quite a stir.

Now, that my friends, is marketing! Always precede a big announcement with a bigger media stunt to get attention directed at said announcemet.

Kudos to the CFL and Bob Young.

I shoulda known something like this was behind the heavy-handed policing of topics. Way to go Bob, you're always 3 steps ahead!!

Before you know it, Bob will be embracing the Forbidden Website as the voice of reason.

A mystery novel Wright(er) could not have choreographed this better.