CFL on Sirius

Do many people here listen to Sirius? I got it because I travel a lot during the CFL season and I wanted to be able to listen to some games on the radio. I also assumed that Hardcore Sports, being Canadian, would feature the CFL to some extent. I was certainly disappointed this weekend:

  1. The game was simply the Montreal feed picked up 10 minutes before start time. (A whole other topic- how do Montreal fans listen to that?)No pre-game or post-game to speak of.
  2. The radio guys on Hardcore rarely talk CFL but when they do they make it clear they prefer the NFL. I know they are trying to get into the but if they have a deal with CFL should they not be promoting it instead of belittling it?

Did I just have a bad experience or do others agree?

I don't think they can be taken sirius-ly unless they broadcast all the games.

I have no problem with that!
Actually I would prefer to hear familiar voices while listening to my team.
For any other make no difference who announces.
Besides, I never thought it would be any other way....I cant see them sending an independent crew to broadcast the games.

It is not the fact that it was the Montreal feed. Would you not like to hear some pre-game and some post-game?

Sure, but if they dont have it I dont really care. To me its better than nothing

Posted: Jul 02, 2007 - 06:48 PM

I don't think they can be taken sirius-ly unless they broadcast all the games.

I would agree with Invader on this. I don't have a lot of time to watch games on the tube, but I would definitely listen to most of them on the radio, especially when there is so much going on in the summer. Wouldn't it be great to listen to some games while out camping for the weekend? Maybe I'm in the minority on this?

I too had considered getting sattelite radio when I had heard that Sirius was going to pick up CFL games, but then I found out that they were only going to be broadcasting 1 game per week. Huh? Why would I subscribe for 1 game per week? Just another example of why the CFL is considered a bush league to some.

Just my thoughts...

I picked up Sirius over XM because of the CFL coverage. I was driving to Jasper last weekend and tuned into the Montreal game. I was surprised to find it on the Disney/Family channel. And it's a dissapointment that the CFL is not listed under the game tracker option. I assumed that they would have a dedicated CFL station, but it's just the local feeds they are broadcasting. Meh, maybe it will improve, the deal is only two years new.