CFL on Sirius Satellite??

This is a topic that hasn't been addressed on this board. I'am not sure, but i think Satellite radio is available in Canada. I figured because Sirius took a step foward and has 5 Canadian stations. One channel is for Canadian artist, the other is a french-canadian music channel, they have the CBC news, and priemere channel which is french news i think. So thats pretty much what i listen to when I'am driving in the states, i don't want to be the uninformed American on the CFL board. So most of the day when I'am driving around the slums of Boston I try to think positive and think about my favorite city Montreal. Okay sorry I'am getting a little corny here, but the world is getting smaller. I hope the CFL works out a deal with Sirius to broadcast the CFL games on these channels. The game is growing in popularity as i've said numerous times, especially in the US. Satellite radio is the best thing that has happened. Nothing is like adless radio. Don't buy that xm its junk i had it in my rentacar and there is no good channels, i think they have 2 canadian channels.

I want some feedback. Am i being off here, i think if the CFL could pull this off. This would benefit the CFL and Sirius. It really doesn't matter the ratings it gets, look at air america the only thing that keeps it afloat is it is on satellite.

I'd rather that CFL games be televised worldwide on satellite, you can already listen to games online, but that (like Radio, but it is coll don't get me wrong) is a thing of the past. it's time to show games online like the AHL, I don't care how bad the coverage is.

i was listening to sirius radio for a few days in the was really boring...unless u like howard stern, its not worth it.....the comedy channels repeat the same bits of was annoying, hearing the same skit over and over.

id prefer the games be carried on free radio.

unless the CFL can get alot of money for having it on sirius, then go for it.

i would also like to see any un-televised games on the internet ( streamed for free without download and live), for the '06 season....i hate missing a game.

yes both Sirius and XM have just launched this January in Canada (no Howard Stern here though). I think there is more chance if CFL getting on it now that it is in canada, but the ole' canadian inferiority complex prevents me from thinking that the american bosses of Sat. radio would want it to happen.

in america, theres 2 stern channels...all stern, all the time....

Your right Kanga!! I wish the CFL could do the same thing the AHL does, it think you have to pay like $5.00 dollars to watch the game. I'am tired of the Al's begging the public for donations, well dummies broadcast the games over the internet and use that money to renovate Molson Stadium. Just thought the CFL on Sirius would be a great way to promote the Canadian game, this would help with tourism and attendance across the board. Tell you the truth if NESN never broadcasted the games there is no way i would have noticed the CFL. Look at all the fun i would be missing out on. I think if the CFL broadcasted the games i would spend all the game night driving around just to listen to them.

DrummingGod: when i purchased the satellite i was the same way i thought wow overrated, but as soon as i got use to it i was like hey its pretty good. I agree CFL should be on free radio, but whats wrong with doing both? I know the Canadain inferiority complex, but don't forget that those 5 radio stations are on in the US and anyone that gives a crap about the goings on in Canada tune in.

I just googled it....they are saying Stern might be on Sirius Canada by the end of '06...apperantly there are some issues here with the CRTC still being angry that he insulted the francophone population here when he was broadcast in Canada.

Put ALL games on there if you can, especially FNF games!

if I have to, I wanna go back to Australia or Japan and still be a CFL fan. I don't care if the color runs like it does now on the TV in the states, I can deal with that. What I can't deal with is lissioning to games over the internet w/o "seeing" what's going on. If I'm still doing that 10 years from now, I'll DIE!!!

I do recall how the CFL was negotiating this year with Sirius for broadcasting all the games for a paltry $100K per year. More to do with exposure for the time being then the cash.

what would happen to all the deals with the stations that currently carry CFL games?

Dont forget the subscriber numbers are not that great that would adversly affect the traditional radio and its sponsors. I don't recall any game being blacked out on Sirius. Of course, this talked about deal would not include playoffs and the money grabbing Grey Cup.

Good question Drumming god, Nothing i get the NHL and NFL games on Sirius, and they are the same as the ones you listen to on the radio. On Sirius for some NFL and NHL games you get both teams broadcasts which is good. So don't get nervous you listen to the stations commercials too so it helps the broadcast stations with selling sponsors by saying the braodcasts reach more potential customers. There will always be teresterial radio.

What if your a CFL fan and Can't see games becase your overseas? the league should get games online, to bring in those fans from aboard, which they are many.

if thats the case, peter6625, then im all for the CFL goin to sirius...its a bonus $100 000 for doing nothing.

The $100,000 is irrelevant, its the exposer the league needs in my opinion. Could you imagine the money Sirius could give the CFL in sponsorship, on and off the field. Plus the ability for fans on the go to listen to the games. Imagine running erands and you could listen to another team play. I think it will bring more interest in CFL game than ever before. Not only will it create more tourism from the people in the United States, but also more interest in cities like Ottawa. I honestly don't know what both parties are waiting for, but its time to get the ball rolling. Sirius wants to tap into the Canadian market what better way than creating a partnership with the CFL.

I know I'am stuffing my propaganda down you throats but i see the CFL as being a league that is behind with the times. Not enough exposure, not enough attendance, needs to create a buzz in Canada, and in the States. The marketing director for the CFL should be fired. The AHL a minor league hockey league has webcasts and online telecasts, and the CFL cannot do that. The CFL website is good, i love it, but CFLers need more and we shouldn't stop til we get it. All right i got that off my chest. Sorry i'am pissed off and passionate about my football. I think i'am just getting over the Patriots getting eliminated so you'll have to put up with me for a couple of weeks. Again Argotom I 'am sorry.

A long,long time ago...Cable t.v. started out as adless entertainment to draw people away form the old fashioned house antenna's. Then......when the years went by and the majority of people had cable in their homes, guess what happened, commercials started coming in!

Bad enough I have to pay for my t.v. which carrys commercials, I think I'll stick to old fashioned radio. In a few years Sirius and XM will have them too.

Whats wrong with commercials? as long as their aren’t too many of them and they are entertaning, nothing wrong with them.

When you live in Canada's north..satellite radio makes good sense, even at 12 bucks a month..
Better than the Trap line report, and Bingo....
The CFL needs satellite radio, just as other peaple stated on this topic, it will enhance the CFL's broadcasting range..

Amen hankthetank, don't let these evildoers get you down. Satellite has some ads, except for music stations. The talk show hosts need breaks too. There not long at all. usually there live ads. geo365 your just cheap. Tell me geo365 do you own a computer or are you using the libraries. Maybe Santa will get you a pair of rabbit ears for you 13 inch tv.

Kinda rude there, Peter.....