CFL on NFL Network

It's great that there will be 14 CFL games shown on the NFL Network. It will give Americans the chance to see the 7 CFL teams play.

Montreal 5 times
Toronto 2 times
Winnipeg 3 times
Hamilton 5 times
Saskatchewan 4 times
Calgary 5 times
Edmonton 4 times

Mmm...somethings missing?

Its okay, we are used to getting the short end of the stick out here in the West....Other than Governments collecting taxes, we don't exist on this side of the Rockies. :roll: :roll:

I think it has more to do with BC having no thursday night home games than them actually getting the short end of any stick.

You get a throw away stadium and 450 million into B.C place. You have a NHL and a CFL team and your complaining? Try moving to Hamilton :twisted: Oskee wee wee Oskee wa wa

We also live in the best place on Earth. Only losers here are the poor American fans who miss out on seeing the Lions play.

What does Thursday have to do with anything? Only the 1st game on the NFL network is a Thursday game, the rest are Friday and Saturday. The league pooched that one good lol. Doesnt matter much, we still get to see the Lions!

I think it's just the way the CFL schedule shaped up that BC didn't get any games.

The NFL network showed the first game of the season.

The rest of the games in July are the earliest Saturday games, which BC isn't apart of.

The games from September 10th on are all the Friday night games, which BC isn't aprt of.

So, looking at the trend and logic of the NFL network TV schedule they picked games based on times not caring who was playing.

I know the only time I wanna see BC play is when they are losing to the Riders... :stuck_out_tongue:

Some comments here from Cohon on the initial success though ratings numbers are not being released for some reason:

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I can't officially confirm these numbers...
but I happened to read somewhere that the NFL Network USA numbers for last week were:

technically a 0.0 rating with 58,000 viewers for Thursday's CFL Montreal/Saskatchewan debut telecast
and then, on the next night, a 0.0 rating with 53,000 for a Rush/Storm Arena Football League matchup.

I wonder how many of those 58,000 CFL viewers accidentally stumbled upon the broadcast
since it had ZERO promotion ahead of time... and the cable guides didn't even list it on their schedule.


Great exposure for the CFL!

I don't live far from Winnipeg, but in the US and absolutely love the CFL games on the NFL Network especially in HD. I'd love to see them do more games, maybe two a week or all the TSN broadcasts.

Enjoying the Edmonton-Saskatchewan game today.

CFL better to watch than the NFL and almost as much fun as college football.

It would be great if TSN was available in the states on Dish or Direct.

Go Blue Bombers!


Thanks for the U.S. support! Whoever spearheaded this NFL network coupe, props.

Already some other posts for months on this topic guys was an 11th hour deal as one savvy commenter predicted too!

[url=]viewtopic.php?f=1&t=57085[/url] [url=]viewtopic.php?f=1&t=55645[/url]

My Eskies have screwed themselves over twice in a row now mind you, but no given the way the Lions have played thank God they are not on the NFL Network I say!

It would be nice if a Las Vegas casino would show the Saturday night game .
For us baseball haters .

Perhaps the Riviera could show the games since they have historical ties with the CFL. :wink:

It certainly is a positive that the CFL was able to strike a deal with the NFL Network and have at least one CFL game per week broadcast live. Even though the NFL Network will skip these broadcasts during the month of August for NFL preseason football, and resume Friday night broadcasts in September, when they will not conflict with NFL regular season games, there is a problem with this entire idea.
This problem is not the CFL's fault, but is the fault of the largest cable company in the US, better known as Comcast. The NFL wanted their network on basic cable in all areas of the country, and went to cable television with that as their idea. Most of the cable companies agreed and put the station on basic cable, but Comcast saw this as another profit making opportunity and refused. They reasoned that this station should be a premium channel and be purchased separately, or as a package with other stations that people don't want or don't need. This impasse has not been resolved and the NFL Network is not on basic cable in any area serviced by Comcast Cable. Most people have decided not to pay extra for this station or package, and as a result, the NFL Network is on basic cable in only about 40% of the USA. In some more remote areas, it isn't on at all.
Here in Philadelphia, Comcast owns the Flyers and the 76ers (hockey and basketball) and the arena, the Wachovia Center. They also have a deal with the Phillies to have most of their games on cable, especially home games, so they are not about to be dictated to by the NFL and put their Network on basic cable where they wouldn't be able to make even more money than they already do. Comcast just likes to show its greed and arrogance I guess. During the second half of the NFL season, the NFL Network has a Thursday night game on, which can only be viewed on the NFL Network unless your local team is either the home or visiting team, then it can be shown on regular local TV. Therefore the ratings for these games are not great, due to the lack of having the network available to most people at little or no cost to them. I know Comcast can do what they want and usually does, but listening to their customers and being fair and reasonable to them is surely not what they are doing here.

And you don't think its greedy of the NFL Network to want to be on basic cable and get paid for subscribers who don't want and don't watch the channel? Distribution isn't free.

In fact, Comcast is probably listening to the majority of their customers that don't give a damn about the channel and don't want to pay extra to get it in basic cable.