CFL on "Jeopardy"

Canadian Football on Jeopardy

I noticed how quickly the guys went to the CFL category. All of the clues were correctly answered. They definitely have some knowledge of the CFL.

Whew! I mis-read the topic...

I thought it said "CFL in Jeopardy" I expected to read more doom and gloom about the future of the CFL.

For those who missed it

Wow and we thought most Americans were CFL dumb.
Mind you Jeopardy does not really reflect in your "average" type.

thanks ro1313


I would never post anything of that nature here (just to let you know).


Thanks for providing the footage. :thup:

Thanks ro1313 for the link.

I agree with Argotom, I am surprised these Americans knew so much about our game. Good on them! :thup: :thup: :thup:

The thing you have to remember is that these people know that CFL might be a category.

If I am not mistaken, they give the contestants 20 categories that could be on the show and use 12 of them.

Since the show is produced by Alex Trebek it often has Canadian questions. Thanks for that category Alex :rockin:

And thanks Ro.

Thanks for the link, that is really cool. I was impressed they got the last one about McGills campus, that would be tough for anyone that doesnt know our game well.

To be fair though, you didn't need a whole lot of football knowledge to answer the questions. If you knew a world famous Montreal university, the french term for red, and a rocky mountain city that is associated with a Stampede, then you could get 3 of the questions.

So in other words, Its pretty easy when you know the answers! :wink:

I do agree the rouge part. I wonder how esy it would have been if they didnt say" French for red"