CFL on Fan 590 Friday.

Football Friday this time around features some Argo talk with Pete Martin (The Argo/Stamp game can be heard on the Fan this Satruday) and some Hall of Fame talk.

Bobby Jurasin will join Chris Schultz and me and they can talk about old battles.

Matt Dunigan will be on at some point between 10-and-noon.

We'll get some Cat chat in there as well.

Football Friday starts at 9:00am.

Fan 590 AM.


Express-Vu channel 959.

If you miss the show, it's available for downloading or podcasting at the website.


Thanks for the heads up Hogie.

I'll be listening in during our road trip to see the Cubs and Bears.

I'm sure your show will get us in the beer drinking mood. (Not the driver of course)

I'm envious!

A couple of tips, if I may be so bold...

If you don't have Wrigley tickets yet, sit in the bleachers. WAY more fun than the grandstand seats. If you love the blues I LOVE this place...

Have a great weekend!

Nope. No tickets for the Cubs yet. Last year we had them and sat in the grandstand about 2/3 the way down the third base line and a dozen or so rows up.

I'll keep an eye out for bleachers this time.

Bears tickets are in the nose bleeds and I need a frickin' telescope to see what's goin' on the field. And that's $75 U.S. a ticket. (Same ones we had last year)

As an aside, a bit of a cool story, the four of us planned the Chicago trip last year and had Cubs and Bears tickets way ahead of time.

Just as we left, I noticed online that the Blackhawks were having a pre-season game vs. the Blues at 7:30 pm Friday night. We pulled into the United Center's parking lot at 7:15 and got $10 tickets. What a bonus!

But wait it gets better.

As we're sitting in Wrigley (with my cousin who lives walking distance), I notice the out of town score board lists a Twins vs. ChiSox game for 7 pm.

I ask my cousin, "How do we get there from here?"

He points over right field at an elevated train and says, "Take the red line directly to Cellular field" (I refused to call it anything but the new Comiskey) Needless to say it was packed as they were trying to clinch the division before going on to win the world series. What an atmosphere!

Great sports trip! Four games in three nights. The papers said it was the first time in 30 or 40 years that all those teams were at home on the same weekend. (Although I'm not so sure the Blackhawks would have played that early in the year way back then)

Thanks for the heads up for Buddy Guy's. I love Cajun (New Orleans is another favourite city). and it's right downtown near where we're staying! I'll have to talk the guys into going there after we (hopefully) catch the Ti-Cats' game on Comcast Chicago.

Hey Hogie, know any sports bars around Wrigley that would have lots of TVs?