CFL on ESPN+ for 2018

The new ESPN+ application for US viewers is now live and appears
to have CFL games for the 2018 season. scroll down and see the CFL logo on the right.

They don't have the listing of games available for this season just yet. It would
be nice if the league could indicate how many of these games will be behind
the $4.99 paywall.I would prefer to give my money to the CFL directly
instead of helping subsidize other leagues.

Page won't let you see it unless you're in the states.

Tell Page to mind her own business

Andrew Bucholtz?
Looks like confirmation the CFL (previously free on ESPN3) is now behind the ESPN+ paywall. Unfortunate for us U.S.-based fans.

What dat mean?

What this means is the CFL for U.S based viewers is now behind a $4.99 paywall.
It is great for someone who does not want to subscribe to cable.There are many
who would probably like this option in Canada but it has it's downsides.
The article does not confirm if there will be a weekly game available on The ESPN
cable networks(ESPN,ESPN2,ESPNEWS etc..).Thus no games on cable outlets
where a person(not familiar with the CFL) might see the game and be introduced
to it.This hurts the league particularly during the summer months in terms of exposure
from a casual fan in a sportsbar or other outlet.It also means the playoffs and Grey Cup
might not be available via cable.I hope Mr.Ambrosie and the BOG examine their options
when the contract expires after this season.

With ESPN broadcasting "nearly 200 games" from Canada's professional football league, how many years would that encompass?

I'd imagine the CFL would get a "cut" from ESPN's paywall fees? The league should do this in Canada too. They might be surprised how many fans would pony up $200 per season (or $5 a game), for example, to watch CFL games online in HDTV.

TBH, I don't know anyone who would pay $200.

Drop the price point to $ 35 total and I would be in . Might even go as high as $ 49.99 for the entire season but for starters go low it worked for Netflix .

For $ 200 I can get Cable or Sat and watch with other stations as well as TSN .

Would be interested in Dazyn for $150 a year for the entire sports line up of live sports .

Maybe the CFL should look here for a service provider .

Anybody have a subscription maybe an American that has tried it out ? Is it any good .

Looking it up on my own there's a buffering problem and resolution is terrible from reviews .

Figured as much live sports on the computer is never as good and I had Shaws free range package letting me watch on my laptop .

How I wish as a new cable subscriber (the premium has never been lower, and number of channels for the money never higher, versus getting only internet access plus adding Netflix, etc) that I could get access to this content for an extra $5 with my cable subscription on regular cable TV, without having to get the rest of ESPN, instead of having to subscribe separately.

This might be the way to go instead of pirate streams, but I wonder about reliability on any given new offering.

If you are in the US, the first 30 days are free if you sign up through 19 April.

People in the US who watched the CFL either paid for ESPN (which gives you access to ESPN3) or they received ESPN3 because their ISP paid for it. Now, are those people going to pay another $5 a month for all the CFL games? Highly doubt it.

I do see there are early season games scheduled for broadcast on ESPN2 which can be seen without paying another fee for ESPN+. However we all know when the NCAA and NFL starts, the CFL on any ESPN linear channel is nonexistent.

Well, the good thing is that the CFL is not an exclusive to ESPN+. We were all hoping that if the CFL was going to be on ESPN+, it might also stay on ESPN3. But when the content of ESPN+ was first introduced, cynics said it mostly just ESPN3 that is no longer "free". So, we should not be surprised if the CFL is gone from ESPN3.

You might not know me but I'd pay $35 per month for 6 months to watch all the CFL games including playoffs and Grey Cup...because I already do. Shaw Cable might chip in another 100 channels of repetitive garbage but I'd rather give that $200 to CFL teams, not Shaw or TSN.

TSN, the exclusive broadcaster of the CFL, and Shaw, the official sponsor of the Grey Cup? I have nothing but the highest respect for both of them for stepping up and supporting our league. I really can’t understand petty shots like this. Give your head a shake

I assume you mean Dazn?
If you watch lots of sports…sure. If it was say only for CFL, no.
It is improving, but the viewer is full on crap. To start the NFL season it wasn’t even close to worth it…slow, buffering, poor video, hit and miss on sound, games starting way way late…it was the perfect storm of bad in every way imaginable. later in the season it seemed somewhat better…so here is hoping.
Never really noticed issues with anything outside of NFL stuff though, so I have wondered if they have a system that works differently than other sports perhaps…like perhaps something from the NFL’s side is weird. Perhaps it interfaces with gamepass and that is the issue…dunno. If it is the same this year I will drop it, but we will watch other stuff and it is fine…the odd buffering, same as most streaming. The interface still sucks and it is not super high quality video, but that’s fine.

I suspect they mean nearly 200 broadcasts this year, with games shown more than once. As we know, there are 86 CFL games (81 regular-season, five post-season).

I'd pay maybe 10-15 a month for just CFL online only. Maybe up to 20 for all of TSN, depending what rugby they had, but I think most of it is on sportsnet.

I've never had, and don't plan to ever have, cable, so until CFL/TSN figures out online-only, they're missing out on money from people like me.

I'm not even sure exactly how much I pay for cable - but with how much sports I can end up watching between Leafs, Raptors, Jays, Toronto FC, CFL, NFL, NCAA Football, curling, Premier League, UEFA soccer etc I consider it money very well spent.

And that doesn't even take into account some of the other shows I enjoy on other cable channels like Star Trek Discovery, Outlander, Handmaid's Tale or being able to occasionally check into the craziness south of the border on CNN etc.

The odd time I've tried to stream live sports the picture and sound quality is just nowhere near the quality that I can reliably get with cable all the time.

It is odd that it's mainly the NFL that has problems . I would want it for football CFL and NFL if I got it but I want quality picture and on time .

I didn't even know the commonwealth games was going on until I looked up what they had on today for programming .

TSN would fight this hard, understandably. The CFL would be smart to put Dazn into TSN's minds very subtly a few months before the next negotiations. Losing the CFL would really hurt TSN right now, and I think there would be a fair number of people that would drop cable and move to Dazn and something like netflix or crave or something. TSN is putting themselves at risk by not developing a stand alone subscription to online streaming. I get is a fine balancing act to not piss off cable providers who still butter their bread.

It is weird that the issues seemed focused on the NFL. After making my post I actually did some reading and it is something they are clearly aware of. As I said...there was an improvement later in the season, and the product director (link at bottom) discussed that they knew there were still issues and discussed some of the things they were doing to improve it. I am pretty hopeful that it will be improved this season. I will give it another go, but it the frame rate is not improved I won't continue with it. They need to be better with starting games live (or within minutes of...I can understand a small delay) and if they have any hopes of mass appeal it needs to go true HD....I don't mind lower quality for on my phone or a tablet or PC or whatever...but if I am putting it on my TV I need some quality there.

DAZN is still a is at best an infant. I love the concept, so I am willing to be patient and give it time. It still only 1.5 years old overall and been in Canada for under a year. What I like is that in any interviews, DAZN is owning the issues for the NFL broadcasting. They are not deflecting. I stall can't figure out WHY the NFL went with them in Canada, considering they had something has never made sense to me...but it is what it is.

If you are a hockey fan and want to check out some KHL, get it.
If you are an NCAA basketball fan, get it
If you are a soccer nut, get it (even though it lacks Premier League with DAZN Canada)
I am hopeful rugby expands on it, but there is some. Starting to enjoy watching the odd match.
There is a total lack of NHL or MLB on DAZN Canada (offered elsewhere, NA TV money is too big to compete with thus far).

Oh, a really nice feature is that it has on-demand!!!