Expat Canuck here living in Florida last 25 years. I can watch the CFL (live) now on CSS. They carry the TSN coverage.
CSS is a 24 hour sports cable channel out of Atlanta that caters to southern sports. I imagine that needed to fill in time slots so they signed an agreement with the CFL. I think this will give the CFL very good exposure, expecially in the football mad south. Right now I am watching the Argos - Riders game (13-9) in the second quarter. Last night they showed the Bomber game. So for a CFL junkie like myself this is great. Especially as it looks like the ALS may be the class of the CFL this year (well after two games) :slight_smile:)
Tressman is well known in Florida as he was the QB coach for the University at Miami when they won the national championship with Bernie Kosar back in 1983. He was hired by Howard Schnellenberger who is head coach of FAU in Boca Raton Florida. Tressman was also the QB coach with the Dolfins. So he has a good CV and lots of Florida ties.
Hope they show the ALS - Riders macth next week. CFL FOOTBALL BABY!