How embarassing....the CBC has the feed for the sad-sack Ti-Cats and the ArgoNOTS available to the US market. 9 fumbles so far, and they're in the 4th quarter...score is 9-6!
These two team representing the CFL to the rest of North America? Yuchhhh! Certainly they'd love to get this one back !

It not like its the first and only game that is feed to the States

You mean it was like your typical NFL game. :lol:

Americans should just love it. :thup:

And the ARGOS won on a last second field goal. :thup:

yes HT we all know!

just having some fun :wink: :lol:

atleast u didnt pay to see this crap..i did..haha

the only reason i went, was to see the damon allen tribute, and i even missed half of that, cuz my friend was late getting ready.

on one hand, atleast it wasnt a blow out...but atleast a blow out, someone scores a TD.

Yes it was terrible, I was also there. The only thing which personally made it bareable was catching a mini football signed by Damon which meant I won a personalized signed Argo jersey. Ya baby.

So now it get's interesting... A 2 way tie for first in the East! :stuck_out_tongue:

except Mtl has a game in hand

I gotta disagree. That game was far from any NFL game. It was the most boring game I can remember.

which is why the Americans should love it
Just like the NFL :lol:

Yeah, in BC!

Lets lose that game when we get to it :lol:

And the Als will next week. :lol:

I don't know about the rest of the USA, but SportsNet New York, the network owned by the New York Mets, showed Monday's Argos-TiCats Labor Day game today. Almost a week after the game!!! Needless to say, I just wrote them a nasty E-mail saying what a horrible network they are.

This just proves how horriby bad the Ti-Cats are, Damon(retire old man)Allen through 3ints and the Ti-Cats found a way to lose. I don't think there is any hope in Hamilton, they should pack up there bags and move to Ottawa or Halifax.

The Franchise has a solid fan base…but there team Sucks, I feel they are 1 QB away from winning a few games… Bench Mass and bring him in the 4th quarter…seems to be the only way he is effective

Interesting I still found it more entertaining than an NFL game.

Damn right the nfl is crap.

Hey Courtenayguy- what would you prefer, the Comox Valley Raiders Jr. Bantam games on CBC????????