CFL on CBC had the best theme song of all time

CFL on CBC may have had the best production team, and THEME music of all time. Even better than HNIC on CBC or Monday Night Football on ABC.

Many of you today who weren’t around when CBC did the big CFL game of the week in the '80s and early '90s don’t know how good it was. The music, the production, the anouncing. OUTSTANDING! Here are some clips I brought up and am now posting. enjoy --------------something must have happened at CBC cause in the late '90s it all went down hill.

The theme song was just outstanding.

Hopefully when CBC gets back into the CFL broadcasting they can bring back this theme song.

It brings back tons of memories, when ever I hear this song, just like it did when I heard it back then. Football was on, and usually a great game! (Fast forward to 1:50. CBC did an outstanding job with the production here, and fascinating work like HNIC does today on CBC before the theme intro begins with the 2 team 16 player trade) ( fast forward to 40 seconds and just listen to the great sounding instruments) (This one is a bit older but same great sound. CBC even back then did a good job in the production department. Very nice looking production)

Always liked it when that got to the actual melody line- brief but good.

Uh sorry, better than the current Monday Night Football since perhaps the early 1990s, but no way better than the original Monday Night Football on ABC and some of the other football tunes! And you want to talk real instruments beyond the synthesisers?

That CBC music from 1987 sounds like either synthesiser exhaust or rejected superhero music. Forgive me for any nostalgic benefits, but it sounds cheesy too like the fashion back then altogether anyway.

Okay put on your helmets and get ready to break some things or hit someone or break some furniture. :stuck_out_tongue:

"Heavy Action" -- Monday Night Football Theme (1974)

[url=] ... re=related[/url]

Alternate Version "Heavy Stuff"

[url=] ... re=related[/url]

The NFL On CBS 1980

[url=] ... &index=103[/url]

Autumn Wind With Narration By John Facenda Before Of "The Autumn Wind Is A Raider"

Superhero reject music LMAO !

Made me lookup to see if we could match the theme with a rejected superhero

[url=] ... eroes-htm/[/url]

I'm hesitating between #5 and number #8

Wow. :roll: There's proof there that too much imagination for some people is really, really bad. A mind might be for some a terrible thing to waste, but after reading that I am going to go out on a limb and would venture to guess perhaps for even more it is a terrible thing to even use! :lol:

Well Hfx with the heavy digitisation and attempted rhythm in the CBC music, I would have to go with Cypher #10 or Vibe #4.

And man almost all those others are so bad that their creator ought to be prosecuted for public indecency, for I would not dare associate that music with superhero rejects that bad. :lol:

When I wrote that line I had no idea rejected superheros actually existed in the imagination of some folks much less rejected superhero music, but I guess now we have been put to rest on those matters too. :roll:

hey man.. even hero's have the right to bleed.

NBC's done a nice job over the years. 'NBA on NBC' and 'Wimbledon' come to mind.

CBC should never be allowed to televise CFL games anymore everything about their game presentation was horrible, tsn does a way better job and other than the brutal friday night football song they've also always had better music.

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