CFL Officiating

In the past I've often found CFL officiating substandard and inconsistent! Some calls were extremely bad.

In the off-season there was a lot of discussion about the quality of officiating in the CFL and the league took some steps to improve it.

I've noticed a big difference this year. Yes, they've missed some calls..only human...they miss them in the NFL too, as instant replay proves.

What's impressed me is the number of difficult calls that the CFL officials have gotten right. Overall, I'm seeing a tremendous improvement and I feel a much better sense of confidence in the officiating.

Any thoughts!!

I've refereed football and trust me it's hard to make some of those calls. I haven't noticed an improvement, but I never thought the CFL refs were that bad. I understand the league has been focusing this year on improving refereeing.

My sense is that there are a lot of good refs but some inexperienced ones and, as you might expect, it's the rookies that tend to blow calls. Most of the CFL refs are probably every bit as good as their NFL counterparts, but there are far fewer college games in Canada (that's where pro refs have to come from) so the talent pool is relatively small, making it hard to bring in fully developed refs.

This is not a subject that gets enough media or fan attention (not that interesting, I guess, except when your team has been screwed by a bad call). Maybe if there was more attention, things would improve.

Bitz: Overall the refs have done a pretty good job. There is one arrogant official that I don't like but for now let's just say they are doing a pretty fair job and they are doing it without the NFL tools.

Nothing against french, but that french guy really gets on my nerves... :lol:

I've noticed watching the BC Junior games in Kelowna, the same old refs year after year. How does anyone make the CFL if they can't move up to Junior? The Junior guys to a good job, but wow, plenty of silver hair there.

I think you are completely wrong, the game on saturday was some of the worst officiating i have ever seen.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you're a Rider fan...

Dave87 , your post is completely baseless , go troll else where , we'll be just fine here in our section without whining rider fans.

What was your first guess?

There was nothing wrong with the officiating on Sat. None of the calls that I saw were bad calls.

Just thought i'd point out that i'm not a riders fan, i hate them.
i'm an avid lions fan and season ticket holder, just because i think the refs were terrible you shouldn't assume tht i'm a rider fan complaining about refs because their team sucks.

well i'm sure most would have probably assumed that you were a rider fan based on the fact that you joined the msg board 2 days after the game... and your first post is to say how bad the refs were in that game....

To Start off with I'm generally a long time BC Lion fan. I get disenchanted with the CFL in general. The CFL officials are the worst in professional sports period. I have been following football since I was a wee lad and was raised on the CFL brand my dad was from Revelstoke and my mom is from Calgary, so threr was always a war here off the field to say the least. I remember when Joe Kapp played for Calgary before he plyed for BC, and that he was later traded to the NFL's Minnesota Vikings in 1969 (might have been 67) for a very young Jimmy Young, the only trade between a CFL and NFLteams. The NFL is a modle of professional isum in their officals, the CFL never has been. I have noticed a very small improvement recently. I really hate it when the officals deside the outcome of a game my team or not if they play crappy they should lose period. The CFL is very bad for that there should only two teams on the field not three. :x

well in this game in question.... BOTH teams sucked... the Riders deserved to win no more than the Lions did... and the refs did not decide the outcome.... the Riders did... they could have put the game away in the first half when they were given 3 turnovers that they could only turn into 6 points....

you can place a good chunk of the blame for the Riders loss on a total lack of offence... would have been the same reason for BC had Sask held on for the win... 15 or 19 points won't win you many... if any.. games... and no game is won or lost on just one play... there are how many other plays in a game?... to blame a loss on just one play or penalty is nothing but an easy excuse for fans that don't want to accept the fact that their team got beat by what their team did or didn't do in the game.

Go figure lions fans like the officiating this year. They have given there team two games. Money well spent David

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