CFL Officiating and the Chop Block?

Congratulations to Ottawa on winning the game today and great effort by our Tiger-Cats, however once again I found yet another game that was overshadowed by bad officiating in the CFL by Ray Bradbury's Crew.

Once again, the missed calls by the CFL Officials in the Eastern Final were incredible and as noted by the TSN media who said they were amazed that Ottawa had so few penalties? The missed holding calls by the officials on the Ottawa O-Line were many, as well a missed Holding call on Ellingson holding onto the Ti-Cat defenders jersey on a run play by the Redblacks in the 3rd quarter, No call, in plain site on TV, ref right there?

The big one that caught my eye and it was called a penalty was the Chop Block by Ottawa's Sir Vincent Rogers on Ted Laurant of the Tiger-Cats, chop blocks are so intentional and meant to take out a players legs that could end their career and Rogers did just that and the CFL should be fining Rogers for that hit on Laurant. We came close to losing yet another Tiger-Cat. Al;so the helmet to helmet hit on Masoli early in the game by the Ottawa defender, very intentional but No penalty.

I think its time to send all the officials back to school or get rid of them period as they do nothing to enhance the CFL game, they should create a level playing experience for both teams instead of deciding who to call and when??

As far as officiating goes this was likely one of the better officiated games this year. I won't disagree that certain things were missed, but this was one of the most exciting games of the year in part because it wasn't filled with flags after every play.

As a fan of neither team, there were calls missed both ways, although none of them were game changing misses.

The chop block call was on Deane

Again, this is why EVERY missed head-shot should be a free challenge for the Head Coaches. If the CFL is concerned for player safety, this would go a LONG way to address it...

The RB's were very aggressive and took several shots which were borderline. They got the reads. That being said I hate flag football.

I thought it was a very well reffed game, personally.

it's almost as if the refs had a meeting pre-game and decided to keep the flags in their pockets unless it was obvious!

I thought there was still a few obvious calls not made. But for the most part, the refs were ok today.

Typical no balance in the calls and many missed on Ottawa by the officials and I wasn't the only one who questioned that as so did the media.

The officiating has been a problem all year long, when you the head of officiating Glenn Johnson at the CFL office saying that a call against Hamilton recently in a Redblacks game was the wrong call, it's all nice and dandy but it's after the fact and if nothing changes moving forward how do you expect their to be any accountability in the CFL for officiating.

I'm all in favour of paying CFL officials a Full-Time Salary per game if the quality of the officiating is corrected and brought up to a higher standard, especially when the CFL and the players union says No head shots but the officials go ahead and don't call 80% of the head shots, what the hell good is it?

The CFL needs to appoint a Quality Control person for the game who monitors each games officiating and corrects the situation to make the game better next time and improves the quality of the game overall for fans!

IMHO the officiating in the game was good.
The game was fast, intense, and hard hitting
I really had no probs with the Officiating!

The refs can't win. They let the teams play today and I loved it. If they threw to many flags people would complain too.

Couple of head shots that weren't called on Massoli and Fantuz at critical timesof the game, maybe we need a couple of more refs out there

Maybe those officials need head-shots too. They simply HAVE to make the obvious call. In this game, they didn't. That being said, they are NOT the reason we lost.

While listening to Ticats at noon, I thought I heard Drew Edwards say Laurent left the field because he got hurt on the chop block. I didnt notice during the game if Ted did get hurt on that play.

If he was and didnt play the next down which was the Ottawa TD, I have to wonder if the chop block was planned with the hope of taking Laurent out of the game so the Ottawa O-line wouldnt have to contend with his pass rush during this critical series.

With Burris bobbling the snap on the next play, would Laurent put enough pressure on Burris so he wouldn't of had enough time to recover from the bad snap and make the throw for the winning TD.

If Laurent not being there was the difference, I guess the RBs would quietly calling the player that did the chop block their player of the game.

It is true that Laurent(our best pass rusher and best DT in the League) was on the bench because of injury by the illegal
"Chop Block" on that 2nd and 25 play.
That is why they only rushed 3 players on that play.

Laurent was not on the field for the game winning touchdown. The Cats rushed just three -- Hickman, Atkinson and Gascon-Nadon -- against six on the RB front line, plus another blocker, beside Burris, ready to take on any Cat who broke through. Nobody got anywhere near Hank.

While a few unpenalized helmet-to-helmet shots have been mentioned in this thread, I must be fair and point out an unmentioned one I thought was perhaps the most obvious and deliberate -- Lawrence on Burris, as he crossed the goal-line on his TD scramble.

Nothing was as near as that bad as that chop block on Laurent, as obvious as it gets. That hit on Burris by Lawrence was nothing compared to the chop block.

I thought it was the best game all year

I am 100% certain that given the choice, Ottawa would have taken a 2nd & 10 with Laurent, over 2nd & 25 minus Laurent. Worked out well for them in the end, but nobody would have predicted that.

Overall on the officials.... It felt to me during the game that instead of calling phantom calls on us, they just let Ottawa's penalties slide. At least it was more entertaining that way.

Why would they rush more than three on 2nd and 25?