CFL Officiating Academy created to develop, support pipeline of officials

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) has launched the Officiating Academy to increase the number of qualified high-performance officials in Canada. Supported by the Canadian Professional Football Officials Association, the Canadian Football Officials Association, Football Canada and the CFL Players’ Association (CFLPA), the yearlong program will provide participants with the opportunity to work closely with league staff and officials to deepen their knowledge of officiating and to develop the necessary skillset to work at the amateur and professional levels.

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For all those that complain about CFL Officiating (hint - everyone :rofl:)
Here is your opportunity!


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CFL fullback Rolly Lumbala! :eyes:

About time. Need to move it on and start doing workshops for all Canadian football officials, junior through semi-pro.

Start them from junior on up. Gives you a chance to pick out the talented ones and find them a path to upgrade their skills. Match them up with a current official as a mentor too. It's a great way to transfer knowledge and experience and build better.

I have been watching a lot of Rugby the last couple years and it is truly impressive how consistent their referees are. It would be great but....

Here I go again - Off field officiating/video referee would be as good and as fast a way of getting more consistent really quickly.

I would like to see the referees NOT calling every little hold or push. Far too many penalties in the CFL, it's slowing the game down. We need less referees on the field that would go along way to meeting the referee shortage!!
Let the O-lines, D-lines clutch and grab and fight it out. Too many holding calls.
An "Officiating Academy" is going to result in more penalty calls.
I think that off field officiating/videos and challenges will just cause more delays and penalties.

Need more programs like this getting younger people into reffing: