CFL Officials

Does anyone know what the CFL does to train their officals. A Hamilton hit inside the field of play draws a 15 yard roughing penalty, yet an Argo hit outside the field of play draws nothing. Do they see the same game that the fans do and are they accountable for their performance?

Not again...

and they're off!

No question that both of those calls/noncalls were errors on the part of the officials.

I think the reason it was called the 1st time was because it was a qb being hit. What I don't get is why Pinball was going crazy when his team got the break!

Even though I don't think this call cost Hamilton a victory, it probably did cost them 2 points in the score because Toronto would have likely given up a safety since they were pinned very deep in their own end at the time.

It is annoying how the refs just can't seem to get the calls right, especially against Hamilton who are not a good enough team to beat the opposition AND the officials.

What's even more annoying is that no matter what call they make somebody bitches about it.

They have a no-win and thankless job. I wouldn't want it. They must have incredibly thick skin.