CFL officials' website now up and running

Now's your chance to take up any issues or pose any questions to the CFL officials.

Remember, play nice now.

Ouch ! Why are they doing that to those poor guys ???

Oh no, now Kanga has another “Avenue” to lobby his Action Point. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

...I'm not moderating that site, it would be a full time job...

The officials are going to moderate it... Should be something to see !

Proux: "E call you fat..."
Ireland: "No he said phat, that's a slang like Golly in my time"
Proux:" Watt he's Gooly mean ? I tink we band him in case"

Just don't ask stupid questions and it should be ok :slight_smile:

Watch the number of “hits” after every game. Why would they set themselves up for the abuse?

I think they should add their weight in their respective BIO 8)

I like the logo for the officials, the CFL logo with a ref indicating a td with both arms up as usual. But I think it would be more accurate if one arm was up, the other arm dangling at the side and the official looking dazed and that. Just a thought, trying to get it as accurate as possible. :wink:

If you’re suggesting that the officials are tubby, you need to take a second look. The vast majority of CFL officials are in excellent shape and could run circles around alot of people on this board, including myself. 20 years ago it was a different story, but not now. There are a few more “plus size” refs in the NFL, but most of those guys look pretty fit too…you have to be to keep up with the players…

You gotta love baseball umps, I mean man those guys must pig out big-time on meals, most are friggin chubby checkers. In fact, I think it's a requirement for the job really. :slight_smile:

It is getting much better. I've noticed :thup:

Well when you consider that the newest craze with our southern neighbours is a quarter pounder with cheese and bacon with a Krispy Kream glazed donut as a bun... Americans are the fattest culture in the history of mankind ! Canucks are just a tad lighter...

I feel sorry for the major league baseball umps in a way. They're on the road six months of the year with a game a day, and even with pre and post game stuff, that's what, five hours tops? They probably get a nice per diem for food, maybe $75 a day, so what else are they gonna do? I'd probably top the scales at +400 if I were in the same situation.......yikes!

Same with me Hoss. I can't imagine working at KFC, I love the stuff, I'd probably eat a bucket a day if it was so convenient to get.

How are we talking about fat ump? :lol:

I agree with the person who said it earlier... the next time there's a controversial call, that site's going to crash within minutes. But then maybe that's a good thing... :smiley:

I can see it now.. all the "armchair referees" who know absolutely nothing about refereeing and what it takes to be good at it will be always writing and complaining about them.. and they'll look at their posts, roll their eyes and say "yup we got another one!"


if you're going to write to them, be educated and mature about your questions or statement! acting like an idiot or unintelligent buffoon won't get you anything.

Sage advice, cflisthebest. You should use it the next time the Eskimos play and you're online. :wink:

gotta know someone would say that.....

They started this up a year too late. Jake has retired. :slight_smile: :twisted: