CFL Officials Test

From TSN:

The "multiple choice" questions are not multiple choice; each is a question in its own right. Numbered 1-35 but there are actually 44 questions.

I got 32 of 44 right.

Wow! What a great quiz. These are HARD!

These are my answers so skip on down if you want to take the test without any spoilers (for the ones I get right) or bad advice (for the ones I get wrong).

a) I believe is FALSE because I think team B has to kick the ball INTO the goal area from outside of it.
b) That sounds ridiculous so I say FALSE, besides the fact that they would be committing a foul deliberately kicking a fumbled ball out of bounds (if the kick was deemed deliberate).
c) TRUE since no one established possession (kicking does not count for last touch on a loose ball) in the endzone, downs would contniue at the previous point of possession (the snap in this case, the original LoS).

a) TRUE (and notice since they brought in this rule change that helmets have been staying on).
b) FALSE (unless this rule has changed) a punt hitting the back of the post is live.
c) FALSE. The ball carrier has to deliberately concede progress or receive contact from the opposition.

b) So long as there is no change pf possession FALSE.
c) Forward progress halted in bounds and the receiver did not retreat back and out of bounds on his own so I say FALSE.

He's allowed to move laterally along the line but the 3 point stance might negate that, so I will guess FALSE.

I will say FALSE. I believe that's a rouge.

FALSE. Last touch only counts for possession if the ball goes out of bounds. In this case last possession is last control of the ball, which would be Team A.

This one is easy. TRUE.

FALSE since the pass is not completed in bounds.

TRUE. Grace of momentum on change of possession is not treated as retreating into one's own goal.

Not 100% certain but I believe that blocking below the waist downfield is not allowed at any time, kicking play or not, so I will say FALSE.

FALSE. Team B would be assessed a penalty for illegal forward pass. The penalty would be applied from the point of change of possession which is the endzone which would move it to the 10, back half the distance to the 5.

FALSE. Since illegal contact is not a major foul, Team A would decline the penalty and keep the score. Should they be dumb enough to accept the penalty, they would redo the convert half the distance to the goal forward.

First down at point of foul. TRUE.

I believe that they only have to stay put until the ball leaves the kicker's foot, so I will say FALSE.

This is a hard one. If the penalty is a major foul then yes, but if not a major foul the opposition would have to decline the penalty to get the two points. Otherwise assess the yardage and replay the down, so I will say FALSE.

FALSE. Only the last three minutes of the fourth quarter and all of overtime.

FALSE. An offside penalty will be assessed at the point of foul.


FALSE. Or at least it better be false, otherwise anyone in 3rd and 25 could just do a little 3 yard dribble and fall on the ball for a first down.

This used to be one of the options but I think it was removed in recent years so I will say FALSE with fingers crossed.

This one is ambiguous. Yes it is interference, but is deemed accidental interference and only ten yards instead of first down at point of foul, but it is still considered pass interference so I will say TRUE.

FALSE. No yards cannot be applied until the receiving team touches the ball.


FASLE. The opposition has the option of declining the foul but not the yardage, for the purposes of ending a quarter.

TRUE. It used to be one play but this was changed in the early 80s.

I've never heard of this. I say FALSE.

I'm not sure what the option might be other than to decline but I will say TRUE.

FALSE. Depends on the penalty. If the ball is returned out of the endzone and Team B commits an illegal block, the yardage would be assessed from the point of foul. Any fouls committed in the endzone however, or any fouls assessed from the point of change of possession (the endzone) would indeed be applied at the ten yard line.

Any interference or illegal contact downfield is still enforced despite the lateral as there is still a valid passer behind the LoS. In years past that defender would have been allowed to stand his ground, however, the no contact rule introduced this year means he is no longer entitled to stand his ground, so I will say FALSE. This contact is not the least bit legal more than five yards downfield.

a) TRUE.
b) TRUE. I believe that you actually need possession in the endzone to score a touchdown.
d) TRUE.


This is a guess but I am going to say FALSE, since illegal block is point of foul and no yards is a tack-on. The illegal block is assesed from point of foul and the tack-on will be assesed last.

Since it is a major foul and not a dead ball foul TRUE.

FALSE. It will be the point where the ball was at the moment that he stepped out.


I have not looked at the answers yet. I bet I got a lot wrong, some because rules change over the years and I haven't kept up with the changes.

After grading I got 34 right, although some I got right but for the wrong rationale. Also, there seems to be a couple of answers that don't add up, #29 and #33 don't make sense. I think I got one right that I should have wrong and one wrong that I should have right.

I freeze up for tests, except for driving.